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19 Apr 2006

Ready for Home

Its such a lonely planet - it really is. I mean, Im having just a blast soaking up the Californian sun and taking the most amazing pictures (you will have to wait til I get back to the UK for those babies). I have this ache in my throat and heart and I know its Ellie. Ellie, Ellie, Ellie. And my phone calls to Anna and the security of my own home.

I took a walk down Venice beach last night on my own and got lost in the sound of the waves whilst watching sunset surfers and photographing silhouettes on the shore. I felt the tears welling in my eyes - its such paradise here. I met another photographer on the beach who lives local and he was showing me some great tips on how to photograph sunsets. I must say the shots I got are pretty amazing and I cannot wait to show you them. He asked if I was a little sad and I think it must have been written all over my face. Such a nice man. The Californians are just ultra friendly here - Ive always been made to feel welcome as I sit like a lost soul in cafes and bars. They seem to be magnetised by my posh english accent.

I got talking to this lovely couple at lunch yesterday and within half an hour I had taken his business card (mortgage lender - watch this space ladies) and the lady - Tina - offered to take me shopping in Beverly Hills. She said that I would love Armani as she dazzled me with the most massivest diamond bling on her ring finger. I laughed it off by saying that they might take a detour to some secluded spot and have me murdered for my measly $120. They took it on the chin with roaring laughter and whilst the invite was erm, inviting, I declined. Mark says Im too trusting and I took heed of his last words to me on sunday night.

I am sat in the Marriott hotel right now as the hotel I am in charge 49 cents a minute to use the net - the thieving sods. So I have snuck in here to update my blog. Its $259 a night here and Im not suprised. Its stunning. My hotel is across the street and at $97 is quite nice but not swanky. Plus this place lets you surf for free and print stuff out. I might have a go at printing war and peace - just for the hell of it. Mwahahahahahahahahaha.

I gotta go now - and soak up some more leathery skin inducing sunshine. I miss all of you so much even though you are a "dot com" away. Have I missed anything?

Adios my fine friends xx


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your pics hun.
Big hugs,

Love Sue x

Jo(lene) said...

Missing you, hun :) - can't wait to catch up properly upon your return to Blighty!!! Sounds like you are having a ball - wowsers on the invite to go and shop Armani-style - I think you were right to decline. Talk to you soon. xx

Galaxy Girl said...

Absolutely right to decline sweetie, although it must have been tempting.

Can't wait to see some of them there pics of yours.


greyparrot said...

I misssssss yooooou loolaa!
Sounds like you have had a great experience, and your life will be all the richer for it! And your photography lol!Can't wait for these pics!

domestic goddess said...

oh babes you have made me well up so much, love you hun, lemon meriunge pie on friday xoxoxoxoxo

amberjane said...

Missing you too hun ((((hugs))) Just remember they are only borrowing you over there but you belong to us ;)

em said...

you are totally brave and adventurous! bet you cant wait to see your little girl again tomorrow!!!
glad you have enjoyed cali :)
it was so fun to have you here!

scrapbookmom said...

Soak up the sun but remember the sunblock.

Save room for the pie too!!!

debbie said...

we all miss you too hun - cant wait to have you back! loads of goss to catch up on, will update you when you get home :)

Roz Roz said...

oh kirky, i'm nearly in tears here thinking of you over there on your own all homesick. You'll be home soon and able to kissy wissy with Ellie, take care hun and be careful with strangers, remember Strangers = Danger.

Love Roz

Jen said...

Gosh I am so trusting too! I'd probably have gone with the lady and then got murdered for my dollars. Scary! You must share the tips on the sunset photos when you get back. We're missing you loads. Sorry your trip is marred by you missing your darling Ellie Belle, but you'll see her soon!

Debbie/From Crop Circle in LA said...

Hi Kirsty,
I am still so excited to have worked with you on the 'no adhesive page' at CropCircle make & take today~ I can't wait to leave work to get home & scrap!
It was a delight to meet you & can't wait to meet up with you again!
Wishing you a safe & quick journey home!!
You are fabo & BRILLIANT!!!
hugs from your new Cali friend,

lemon said...

we all miss you too hun...but just remember that we have all been with you in spirit on your fab journey.

scrapbookmom said...


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