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23 Apr 2006

Pics of Californ ya

Ok some are here - not all. Dont wanna bore ya with 550 pics of stuff you might not get (I do but then again I am stwange) My travel journal is going to be soooooooooooooo coolio. Be sure to click on the pics for a better glimpse (I hate blogger for compressing pics into poo poo)

News by bullet points
*Something big is going off in the Wiseman house. Can't share it yet but its big and im not suffering from preggo-nitis. Will make a difference to us though. Im delerious about it.
*Can't decide whether to buy "Kirsty. Kapture. Kool" for photography site or "Kaptured by Kirsty" - HELP!
*Got some great shots of my cousin Emily this week - she is gorgous. I will post soon
*Cannot believe I got chosen as an effer #23 "pick" - so honoured
*Off to see "Take That" on friday with Jolene. I am freaking out about it and I want to be Lulu for the "Re-light my fire" stint
*Scrapped some good stuff in the US - will share soon
*Im starving - I need food and not one jaffa cake in the house. cry cry cry.
* 6 days left til the end of the Scrap Yourself challenge and so far I have 30+ favourites - eeeks
*Sue - I got you some Reeces Pieces from La La land - will post soon
*Missed you all so much. Too much.
*Bonanza in 3 weeks - how quick did that come around?
*So busy right now. I have to schedule bathroom breaks into my day.

Blah blah blah. And sleep.


Anonymous said...

Oooh love you!!
Can't wait to hear your news!
Speak soon! And damn, I meant to send you some jaffas!

Sue x

em said...

gorge pics!! i DO want to see all 550!

greyparrot said...

Wanna see more pics! I like kaptured by kirsty better. Glad you had such a fab time we missed yoooou! I need to send you some money...september is a whopping big fat yes! Can't wait, not seen you for an age!

Jen said...

Kaptured by Kirsty sounds coolio (like your journal LOL). We missed you loads - can't wait to see more pics and trying very hard not to be jealous of you hanging out with celebs (Tara et al)...

Galaxy Girl said...

Yep, Katpured by Kirsty sound fabbie. Loving the pic of the bike by the way.

Great that you are back, but am still green spec. after seeing l'll pic with Ms Tara in that lot.


Tracey said...

What are you on Kirsty - polystyrene?

Agreed that 'Kaptured by Kirsty' sounds best.

Keep us posted on your big news.

Tracey x

scrapbookmom said...

Welcome home!!!! What's your news???

Shell said...

Yay you're back!!

I like "Kaptured by Kirsty" myself!

Jo(lene) said...

*I* am SO looking forward to 'Take That' too - I hope we're not the oldest swingers in town, though...!!! Can't wait to see you on Fri - and v. excited about your news - I wanna know!!! xx

Heather said...

Ooh - how long do we have to wait for the big Wiseman news??

Have fun at Take That tonight. :)

zarischka said...

Another vote for Kaptured by Kirsty here - although I like them both. They're snappy and easy to remember - which is great. :)

I CAN believe you got chosen for Effers Pick - the LO blew me away completely when I saw it, and did it again when I saw it on Effers. It's beyond brilliant, really!


Anonymous said...

Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site! Keep up the good work. Thanks.