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5 Apr 2006

My Bro and challenge update

Ok - Challenge update - AGAIN!! (for full details of the challenge with links to sponsors and artwork - go to the 23rd March entry!)
I have loads of entries over the weeeknd and the links have been update below (23rd march). Also we have had some phenomenal prizes being sent in from Bubbly Funk, Crafty Pastimes, UK Scrappers (woooo!), Paperarts, Scrapkits (maya road stamps - delish) and I had the most huge-ma-roley box of goodies hand delivered from Kym at Stamp Galaxy when I was at the retreat this weekend. Kym - it was an absolute joy to meet you, it really was. And your mum and daughter, what a treat xx I swear - whoever wins this prize is in for a stash-a-roo of stashness. You will need a bigger house and suddenly you will have loads of new freinds (including me).

Other Stuff
Ok - Im off to LA. You know that, I know that and my bank account is groaning about it! Any US ladies know the climate this time of year? (hubs is in Obispo, CA, 5 hours NE of LA and he says its raining non stop). Im stopping with Ems for two nights, with mark who is going AWOL for just Saturday - we are gonna do the tacky hollywood thing - cant wait) and then - oh my god... im so scared but so excited about this but Im stopping in a hostel for 3 nights in Venice (USA, not Europe darlings!). So why not stop in a hotel? Well, Im on a tight budget as initially the trip was to go and spend time with hubby in his chalet on Camp Roberts (for free) so now I have to re-shuffle as Mark has Top Brass visiting and its just so vulgar to have wifies out on the base during top cheese visits. Poo! So Im totally slumming it in a hostel and will SCRAP the hideousness of the showers and toilets. I so want to discover for myself what I should have done in my teens/twenties. This is going to me finding myself and soaking up the plasticdom of LA. Where shall I go, what shall I see, what do I avoid? I am freaking right out about it - and Ill post from LA internet cafes whilst slurping buckets of Star Buck's buzz juice armed with my machette, sawn off shotgun and cool oakley shades (in an attempt to blend in).
Im keeping my feet on the ground right now though as Im looking after my nephew today who is ill. so sweet - he hasn't nattered me for anything and is sat on the sofa all bunched up with blankets, PSP's, DS's and his CD player. Oh and the jam pan for incase he vom's again. I just love the smell of that in the house.
BTW - LO is of my brother. Was supposed to be a CK compo entry but I missed the flamin deadline cos I was just too darn busy and freaking out over LA and work stuff and being with ellie after the weekend. So you can have it.
Keep your entries coming girls - I haven't lost sight of your potential xx


Little Monkey said...

have a fab trip Kirsty, your Brother LO is fab x

Jen said...

Ooh hunky! Gorgeous LO - I wish I could do that kind of thing :( I think you need to rethink the prize thingy darling. No way can one person manage to find space for all that stash, and I especially think you need a special prize for LOs in French.... Have a fab time. I'm so excited for you!

eryn said...

hi there! i lurk your blog all the time, and thought i would give you a couple fun things to do in hollywood.
*obviously, you will want to go see graumann's chinese theatre. directly across from it is a restaurant called hamburger hamlet, that has AMAZING macaroni and cheese, and "firecracker fries" which are super skinny fries covered in seasoning.
*farther up hollywood blvd (as if you were standing with graumanns on your left, the el capitan on your right) there is a street called gower (i may not be spelling that right, but that's how its pronounced) the famous roscoe's chicken and waffles is there, and i MUST insist you go try it. most people turn their nose up at the though of chicken and waffles, but both at this place are phenomenal. to the point of trying to fly out just for the weekend to eat there! hahahaha
*ripley's believe it or not museum is pretty fun. very cheesey, but still fun.
*i wouldn't recommend the erotic museum. there's a couple intersting things there, but its REALLY tiny.
*you absolutely need a smoothie from jamba juice.
*the mall at hollywood and highland is nice. there's a neighborhoodies there ( and hot topic, which is the company i work for (altho in ohio!) if you've never heard of it, check it out at looks "scary" from the outside, but i think you could find some cute stuff you'd love in there. i buy a lot of our clearance jewelry to use in scrapping :)
*it doesnt sound like you'll have time, but if you have a few hours to spare, its worth the time and money to take a tour of the stars homes. i think the line is starline? they run out of mann's. its SO fun because they take you up in the hills, and tell you cool facts about everyone, and you get to see the hollywood sign and possibly fun things like bob barkers maid and winona ryders cat! :)
*amoeba records (and of course i can't remember the intersection, but you can easily walk to it) is a HUGE music store. just enormous.....and when you're standing outside of it, you have a clear view straight up into the hills at the hollywood sign!

it sounds like you only have a day there, so i dont want to give you anything to do outside the city...but i hop you have tons of fun! hollywood is one of my favorite places to vacation! if you have any other questions, my email is xxmariposa @

Shell said...

Love that LO hun!!

Sweet Shirleen said...

Oooh you are brave going to the Usa and Hostelling it! Good luck hun and have a fabbo time!

scrapgeek said...

Hey Kirsty - enjoy your blog! Have a great time in California. Thought for a moment that you might be staying in the same hostel that I did - then remembered it was Santa Monica not Venice Beach. My one was memorable for the porn cinema next door! Have fun in LA - an "interesting" place. Reminded me of home - the public transport system was just as bad LOL

Susan said...

Have a fab time Kirsty, from what I remember there isn't much at Obispo! In LA you could see if there is anything on at the Hollywood Bowl, don't forget to check out Rodeo Drive and do a 'Pretty Woman' moment. If you are a film fan you will spot loads of familiar sights.Enjoy your trip :)

scrapbookmom said...

Wave down to me as you fly over!!! I hope you have a wonderful time!

Em said...

Love that layout Kirsty, yummy in every way LOL! Also love the piccy of the gutter girls, although I have no idea how comes they go by that name, although I know Zenia laughs like a drain. Good to "see" Kel and Tish there as well, Don't know who the other two are. Glad you had such a fabby time at Scrapmanic.

Michelle W. said...

love that! Cool!!!


Julie said...

We are having gorgeous weather right now! I'm half way between LA and San Luis Obispo...supposed to rain on Monday though

Anonymous said...

Hi Kirsty, It's Monday and supposed to rain today and tomorrow (just a bit) in LA. It should be gorgeous Tues. p.m. through Fri. - say high 60's... May have more rain Fri., but believe me that can and does change in a blink. Eryn gave some good tips, but I'd include going to the Cheesecake Factory in BH or anyone of them (they're an amazing chain of good food - wide menu selection - can eat fairly reasonably - to-die-for cheesecake - probably 20 kinds). Amazing Paradise Ice Tea (my fav.).

You should drive down or up Sunset Drive - great billboards and people watching - right out of a movie. If you're renting a car, you & Mark should head to coast and drive up/down PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) - hit Malibu through Venice/Marina del Rey. And get a hold of me!

Colleen said...

Sorry, just left a comment for you & it gave me an "Anoymous" name instead of "Colleen" aka Chi-girl aka Pea-ticular...but I'm in LA and you know that.

Donna said...

LOVE this lo...Masculine, yet totally chic! lol! Love it.