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15 Apr 2006

La La Land

Challenge update - please see 23rd march entry for details and link to artwork. Please give me 2 days to update the entries list as I am on holiday in la la land.

Other news
Ok - I landed in LA to 75 degrees heat when all I had packed was wintry clothes. Great!. Emily met me at the airport with her beautiful daughter Ivy. I was so nervous becuase Ive been in awe of Em's work for a while now. This was akin to meeting Monet. After the starstruck moment I fell in love with them both instantly. She took me back to her home and where I met mick who is just as lovely. As much as I wanted to keep my eyes open they kept blinking hard and slow until Em mentioned we should visit sweetpeas and Michaels. I developed my second wind and went scrap shopping. Oh yes .... no sleep and scrap shopping makes for a great splurge on stash. We came home to a fabulous home made curry a little bit of scrapping. I created a yummo layout on zero sleep - this is obviously something Im going to have to look into in future. I gave in at 10pm (early compared to uk bedtime of 1am!!) with the sweet knowledge that Em and I were to meet Tara for lunch. Did I say that casually? I mean, how many fabulous Tara's do we all know?
Slept like a baby in princess Ivy's bed and arose in time to get ready for lunch minus a hairbrush (left that in cambridge) and had to use a doll size comb. Thank you Ivy!. Off we bobbed to Irvine to Scrapbook Oasis to meet Ms Whitney and her fabbo collection of gorgeous children. To actually meet this amazing woman was one thing but to have her welcome me with a warm hug was another. I got to meet mckenna first off and she is just a peach. Her other children were in the car watching a dvd but I got to meet them at the mexican restaurant we all went to eat at. Lets just say the kids (well, the boys - Drew and Nathan) liked to take the ride out of my english accent so in return I turned my eyelids inside out and made them hurl their lunch all over the table. mwahahahahahahaha.
Em and I came home to veg and play with Ivy. Ive taken some snaps but will post them when I get to the hotel as Im staying another night and we are supposed to be scrapping (how unusual) Im going to steal all of her creative brain cells tonight and make way for scrapworld domination.
See y'all xxx


Galaxy Girl said...

It has to be said, that I am, well a fabuloso shade of green right at this moment, it would make a lovely shade for cardstock. Wow, wow, WOW - Tara!


Caroline said...

Glad you're having a fabby time Kirsty, eyelids inside out?eurgghhh think I would hurl too!!

domestic goddess said...

oh wow wow wow missy i am so happy for you, hope you got a piccie of you and ms tara !!!!
big big hugs

Jen said...

OMG OMG OMG (for the second time; blogger swallowed my first comment grrr) JEALOUS is not strong enough an emotion to say what we all feel. You and Em and Tara??? Wow! Enjoy it girl :) And LOL @ the boys and your accent. You mean they actually UNDERSTAND yoU???

Jen said...

PS Just been looking at all your work on Flickr and wanted to say your stuff RAWKS! (ok, I knew that, but it really really does)

Anonymous said...

Wowzers!!! Glad you are having such an amazing time, what fab hospitality, plenty of time for hairbrushing and sleeping back in blighty!
charlotty fafalaloola xx

Jo(lene) said...

Ooh, I've been dying for you to update!! Kirstles, it sounds like you are having the BEST time, and I am SO jeal!! Enjoy the rest of your visit to La La Land - I am green :D xxxx

Ann(i)e said...

Wow, what fun!!! Guess it was worth the trip to LA, I couldn't have offered you any celebs here in Seattle...if you have a chance when you get to hotel, give me a ring, 1-206-444-6853...You can give me the real juice on these gals....hehe!!

amberjane said...

OH I AM SO DAMN JEALOUS - yes I am shouting Tara is such an amazing photographer and Emily an artist and I am SO JEALOUS !! But I love you to pieces and hope you are having a ball babes :D

Cath said...

Wow, lucky girl!

debbie said...

great shade of green here hun! Its great that you're having a fab time and wow at meeting tara and em!!

heres a link to my scrap yourself layout -

debbie said...

oops link didnt work - try sorry

greyparrot said...

kirstyloolaaa I now hate you forever! Tara freakin whitney? I am trying so hard to morph into a version of her combined with Cathy Z...I HATE YOU! Glad you are having a fabulous time can't wait to hear all about it when you get home :)

Anonymous said...

glad that your having a good time in the states love... say hi to whitney for me.... didnt know she was scrapping.... well her albums arent selling the same are they these days.....
take care and speak soon.
tartan warrior

Sarah said...


Mel said...

As If!? - Kirsty you are turning into a real life friend of the stars - just remember your humble mortal friends back here in drizzly England! Congrats on being picked as a Fave on the Effer Dares site too :) Can't wait to hear all about your trip when you get back. Mel x

Roz Roz said...

Kirky you are so sick, fancy making small boys sick. ha ha

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