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4 Apr 2006

Kan Kalifornia Kut Kirsty?

Lord of loo laaaa's - Im flying out to California next week. What was supposed to be a rendezvous with DH (out there on Army manouvres) has now turned into back packing delights for Kirsty. I am freaking right out because the ticket would have been wasted if it wasnt for Miss *e* (Emily Falconbridge ...... cool cool cool). Ive got myself some hostels to book into and Im packing my back with basic clothing and my trustee camera plus supplies from Art from the Heart - namely Blonde Moments papers to guest teach with Ems in LA and stay at her gaff for a few days too. How mega funko cool-a-rama is that? Never done a hostel though - need advice on avoiding being mugged or dealing with horrible nasties left in the shared facilities. Im 35 years old and travelling to LA on my own ..... yikesvilles. But I swear Ill do it - I did 9 years in the RAF, I can do anything. And Im so looking forward to meeting Bette Midler as we go for Botox and a tache wax down Rodeo Drive darlings xx
Also ladies - espesh UK ladies - Em's and I are teaching at Cotswold Keepsakes on 30th September. One morning session and one afternoon session. Come and book a place through my email or on UKS - £25 gets you inspiration so concentrated that you will wonder if we have undercharged you. I promise you will leave with something different, something fabbo and something spesh. Be with like minded scrappers and enjoy a day full of belly laughs and creativity. We will even chuck in a danish and coffee plus you get the delights of Joys cavern of scrap supplies to browse through whilst there. Limited spaces so book as soon as you can. A small deposit secures your place and I wll discuss this privately by email. xx
Edited to add - please go and support Donna Downey on her "arrest". The bail is set to $3000 and its all for a charity so dear to my heart - Muscular Dystrophy. This is a charity that funds into research for persons suffering with muscular conditions - rather like my poor Ellie Bee. Except my Ellie has no certain type of Muscular Dystrophy - its so rare they can't pinpoint any similarities to the types they have discovered so far. And my darling freind Roz bought those daft eyelashes and paid ap rincely sum of £13 to the charity too. thanks Roz - you are so generous and yes, I will scrap them xx


Anam said...

so so bloody jealous!!!! have a wonderful time :)

scrapdolly said...

Congratulatioons - what a great thing to be doing but - in my best momma voice - you be careful hun! x

domestic goddess said...

oh look at you, becoming all famous, i guess you will be hanging out tara for a starbucks as well!!!!!, just remmebver i want ribbons and a mag, if you want a lift to heathrow ;)
you will have a ball hunny, put me down for which ever session you dont need me to help in september babes!

Marja said...

Have a blast in LA! I am not jealous at all! Ok, maybe just totally jealous. The hollywood sign used to be the view from my apartment when I lived in the Hollywood Hills. Sigh. Congrats on all the great stuff that's happening to you!

Roz Roz said...

Hunny bun, your welcome to the lashes, can't wait to see what you make with them. You be careful in LA, you know what wierdo's you get out there, be tyou have a ball. Please put me down for the sessions in Sept if there is still room as well, need all the inspiration I can get.

Jen said...

Oh me oh my!!! You globetrotter you. Jealous, moi?? Non!! But I'm so excited for you. What a fab trip. Will you actually get to see DH at all? Oh you deserve every little bit of excitement that comes your way girlie :)

Jolene said...

I deffo want a place in whichever session in September, morning of afternoon, and I will gladly assist at the other sesh :D - you'll have a blast in LA, darl - can't wait to hear all about it!

Kelly said...

oooh have fun kirsty in california and looking forward to coming in sept !

cherry said...

Great to meet you at the weekend Kirsty. Couldn't resist booking the session in September after seeing your work at the weekend.


Mel said...

Wow Kirsty look at you - from international challenge setter to international jet setter... Just remember us mere mortals back home! And I second what Karen said - have a great time but take care too.

Donna said...

I'm jealous, baby! Have enough fun for the both of us.


Frano's said...

hey kirsty,

thank you so much for your gorgeous comments on my entry for your challenge. really made my day.

be sure to give emily and big "hi" from me...we used to live 5 mins from each other in oz but we didn't know that until just before she left for LA!! typical!

love sharon

Galaxy Girl said...

Oh you little minx, how great will that be - so jealous. I need to book an afternoon spot on your September jaunt. Have a great time.


Chrissie said...

You'll be FIIIIINE. The US isn't all gun-weilding maniacs and muggers!! I went there on my own when I was 18, so age 35 will be a breeze! Email me and I'll tell you places to go in and around LA.

bookit said...

traveling on ur own for the first time is always scray...but you will LOVE it!!! and CA too!!! lucky you.
remember to do lots of scrap shopping, take lots of photos and remember 'try not to look like a tourist'!!! I've been there myself, you have to eat at 'johny rockets' (a chain all over i think) ...amazing 'straight from The Fonz set' look diner!
which parts are you going to ?

bookit said...

oolps..just realised you said never stayed in a hostel before...
try to book a couple of nights in advance as some have individual rooms...MUCH better! you just share a bathroom.
BTW, pack a packet of marigolds for dealing with any unwanted nasties!

bookit said... again!
make sure you go to target and buy a white far the BEST doodling pen on the market!
wouldn't want you to miss out :)

Anonymous said...

I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.