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3 Apr 2006

Im Baaaaaack and Challenge Update

Challenge Update (for challenge details, links to sponsors and artwork - see 23rd March)
Ive been away for a few days and still your work comes in!! Its so wonderful and I have been sat in tears with a couple of the last entries - wow. Who need books when short phrases tell a story? Its wonderful. I was waaaaaaaaaay too excited for words when I had found out from my luvvly freind Jen that Tara Whitney had submitted her entry - have you seen it? Its a thing of beauty and of course my fave photographer in the world just sits too pretty for my liking!! Click on here name above and check it out for yourself.

Other News
Have I just had the weekend of all weekends this weekend? You bet your shiny butt I have. Ive just spent it here . Too beautiful to scrap in but somehow I managed to do 7 pages and teach a class. In 48 hours I had 10 hours sleep - it was too fabulous to go to bed and the company was outstanding. Debbie at Scrap Magic (who org'd the event, sure knows how to keep a manic scrapper happy).
Getting there was half the fun and I had to resort to ringing Anna from the loo's in a service station off the A3. I have been advised to get Sat Nav but at £200 a pop - think of the stash I could be navigating instead. I got there and threw open my jaw in awe.....stunning. I spent most of my time in the company of Lolly. She is just the best thing that has happened to me in the space of a few weeks. Isnt she a doll? She created some astounding layouts - Im going to steal her ideas in my bid to take over the world. I took lots of photos there to practice my photography skills and hopefully the girls approve. I had to throw this one in - these are the gutter girls. I have never laughed so hard and so loud in all of my life. If Im coming for anything next time - Im coming to sit in the company of these 5. They are BONKERS.
Please also allow me to show you my layout I did of left over sausages and mash with added mayonaisse and chives. My mum used to kill me for playing with my food and Im sure Debbie disapproved but hell - I had fun! I call it "Meaningless Morsels". Come on, go with me - Im trying to be cool.

Im also totally behind on Rhonnas Challenge but I aim to catch up. And I cant show you the work I did this weekend as its mag and design team work but I did have some wickedly fabulous news today. Ive been offered a photography slot on The Scrap Book Magazine which I also hear has landed top sales again! The mag made a few nip and tuck changes last month along with the new Editor Natalie O'shea taking hold of the reigns. The Scrap Book Magazine has a 15 strong design team allowing good rotation of submissions with some girls arriving from the fold of Scrap Magic. Its just dreadful that some of my favvo mags have gone however at least the talent remains to be still seen in other monthlies despite this.
On my way back from the retreat I stopped at Anna's for such a brillo girly night of chat. Her naughty hubby gave me a book on Cockney Rhyming Slang (but the rude version). I thought that I had laughed my last breath at Scrap Manic but no. Somehow I managed to squeeze the last of my laughter out and I sure miss that Anna when Im not with her xx

I promise to update the links to more artwork in the morning and reply to all your e-mails(including Ms Piederson - you are next!!) but now I must re-charge my laugh batteries and check that my bladder can still hold its own after all the excessive outbursts and hysterics.

see you all t'mara
ps: Love to Sally .. you are in my thoughts, lil miss two tone girl xx


Frano's said...

hey kirsty,

hope you received my entry. i emailed it a few days ago but don't see it under "aussies" on the march 23rd post. email me if i need to resend, or post a little message to me on your blog!

love sharon

Sally R said...

Love to you too! Miss Doodlebum! Thinking of trying to do something with you challenge about DH but not sure how it might work. Any ideas??

domestic goddess said...

oh hun you make me laugh, it was so good to see you, if only for a few hours, big hugs xoxooxoxo

Frano's said...

hey again kirsty,

re: previous post

obviously you must have got my layout for the challenge as i just received a lovely comment from Anna.

sorry to have bothered you.

so great to see you getting heaps of entries. can't wait to see who wins!

love sharon

lorraine said...

hi kirsty

Had a lovely weekend in your company too. Still trying to get used to being called Lolly, I have been called a few things in my time but never Lolly. But cant add up, we only had 8 hours sleep, i had an extra one when i went for my afternoon snooze.

The bad bit is after sitting next to you all weekend I never even got round to looking at your lovely albums....can you believe it. Oh well good excuse to catch up soon.

Missing all your gobby northern crap already ;p

Marja said...

Love the photos and it was so good to meet you!

Jen said...

Sounds like you had the BEST time. And the more I hear about Anna's husband, the more I like him (nudge nudge wink wink).

Jennie said...

Hi Kirsty, so glad you enjoyed yourself, we must chat more next time we meet. I'm glad you got home safely, and have had a bit of a rest

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