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22 Apr 2006

Home and Loved

I am home and I am loved. By this wee creature:

I will update lots of pics and gossip tomorrow. Thanks to Anna for picking me up at the airport and plying me with lemon meringue (after a hearty beans on toast!) Love you Bowkis nutters xx


domestic goddess said...

we lubs ya too baby, and what an adorable piccie of you and ellie pie, need to see that scrapped missy. Have a lovely weekend together will give you a quick call tomorrow
lubs ya xoxoxoxoox

greyparrot said...

welcome home :)

a very tired mommy said...

glad that you had a safe trip home!

em said...

snow?? what the heck?!!
enjoy enjoy enjoy! coming home and being loved and snuggled is simply the BEST!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back hun,have lots of snuggles with Ellie!

Sue x

Anam said...

good to have you back :) you were missed.

Jolene said...

SO lovely to have you back :) - talk to you soon. xx

debbie said...

good to have you back babe - cant wait to see the pictures :)

Roz Roz said...

Welcome home hunny.

Anonymous said...

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