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24 Apr 2006

Catching up

Its so hard catching up after 2 weeks away from the house. Washing, orders, deadlines and phone calls to all and sundry. My beloved washing machine of 11 years is on its last legs and wouldnt unlock this morning. Somehow I managed to con the machine that it was about to do another cycle and hey presto - door opens and dripping wet clothes to be line dried ... first time this year I may add. God I love that smell of line dried clothes (minus bird plop on my fave pink t-shirt!)
Here are some pics of my trip between tid bits. Love the ones I took of mark - he has lost lots of weight out in Cali. He has been training and getting a brillo tan. He really hates posing for me but he has to get used to it becuase I bought my first studio kit today and backdrop for a princely sum of £500. Im going to start doing saturday morning shoots at home to gain more experience and build my photography skills up. Mark doesnt know it yet but we can kiss goodbye to the dining area of the house. That is until we move - which may not happen now. I think we are looking into extending the house and hopefully I can have my dream kitchen with a sloping roof and velux windows, a studio, a massive craft room and storage for the business. A girl can dream and Im sure we have a spare acre to do it in.
I got the new copy of "Scrapbooking in a weekend" of which an album of mine features. Launched by Becks fagg at Practical Publishing I also am quite shamefully plugging its release at WH Smith for £7.99. The album is dedicated to my father in law and his history - I really enjoyed pulling it together on a budget using his treasured photo in which he trusted me with. I don't think they actually "get" scrapbooking but it gave me hours of pleasure to do and I hope it passes down the family line with love and care.
Mark thinks my feet in Tom Hanks cemented foot prints is hilarious. I know this happens everyday outside the chinese theatre in Hollywood but to actually put your hands and feet in them prints is so much fun. I took snaps of Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, Cary Grant, Dean Martin and Doris Day. I must admit I sniffed a few tears back - it was too exciting to be there. But to be honest - Hollywood was not that fabulous darlings. Im told Beverly Hills is better - next time ey?
You see the picture of the old Ford? I love how the sun flare has shown up on it - this is the colour of the pans, toaster and kettle I want. I truly want a 50's style kitsch kitchen with black and white tiled flooring and a booth to house a table and chairs and lots of chrome. That yellow makes me smile. I took lots of shots of Buicks, Mustangs, Oldmobiles, Lincolns and Cadillacs for a fab layout I have planned on "All American Cars". If I ever move (!!) to America I seriously want a clapped out old Buick to drive about in. I really do. Then I will build it up to a bogged down Lincoln. Have you ever seen these cars close up? So damn sexy they are. You can keep your teeny sports cars and Mercedes. These babies do it for me. Of course the sexy chaufferness of Clint Eastwood or Sean Connery could be an optional extra ... naked to boot xx


Ann(i)e said...

Glad you had such a fab-O time!! My vote is on Kaptured by Kirsty, hands down, very catchy and memorable....go with it girl!! I'm back to England on Sunday, so will be calling Monday to work out our Bonanza plans and chat!!

Galaxy Girl said...

Pink Caddy would do it for me with Donny at the wheel (wearing clothes would not be an option)!

Love the pic.

Will have to trot t'north for a photo session me thinks.


Roz Roz said...

Glad your home in one piece, and that you had a fabby time, so green with envy you stood where Tom Hanks did, he is my fav actor at the mo.

Mel said...

Fab pictures - keep them coming. I am also in the Kaptured by Kirsty name choice!

greyparrot said...

pmsl look at your teeny feet!

zarischka said...

SUCH amazing pictures - you really mean you can get BETTER? How?!

Love the photo of your cute little feet inside Tom Hanks' footprints - it's excellent... and wow - I wish I had such cute feet! :)

Thank you so much for the kind words you left on my blog - you always cheer me up! :)