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5 Mar 2006

The "Z" gives me a mention to the "D"

Oh yes - Im famous at last. Well - almost. Cathy Zielske (whose blog I read everyday amongst 30 others) asked for some questions that she was going to ask Donna Downey on a podcast and I thought Id chuck in a question thinking that it wouldn't surface on the night. BUT IT DID! The "Z" asked the "D" the big "Q". You can hear it by clicking on to Cathy's blog here (5th March entry). Ok - so she doesn't really know who Kirsty is but you do - right?

Ive done various bits and pieces today - nothing that would really rock you boat and nothing to even send you off to sleep. Oh I tell a fib - yes!! Im going to Gay Pareeeeeeee in October for a fabbo scrapping event to meet my idol Elsie. She doesn't know it yet but she will know when she see's the Wiseman running down the street screaming "Elsie Flannigan - you are bloody brilliant now give us a kiss" (what she will not know is that I will be fitted with a suction device that will drain her creative power into me during that little welcome kissy - I WILL RULE SCRAPDOM - Mwahahahahahahahahaha!)
Picture is of a layout I entered for the Home Grown Scrapbook compo - the idea was to use the words "Only in America" in the title. So here is Ellie eating a mickey lolly at Animal Kingdom. I must say that flag took flippin ages to recreate. I didn't win the competition - but it was fun trying xx


Gillian Greding said...

I wanna go to Paris! How lovely for you. Great layout!

Shell said...

Fab pics and great layout hun!!

Snot fair though - I wanna go to Paris!

domestic goddess said...

fab lo babes, see you in gay paris!!!!!

Anne said...

Please can you fit me in your carry-on....I wanna scrap in Paris too!!

Jen said...

You crazy woman you! If you act like that when we are in Paris we'll get deported ;) And what do you mean, you didn't win with that gorge entry? They are bonkers and don't know what they are missing.

Jennifer said...

What a lovely LO!! The flag is gorgeous!!

Have fun in Paris :)