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6 Mar 2006

Under Pressure

He He heeeeeeeeeee. Im gonna use cheesy song titles all week for my blog! But I real am under presh and whilst I hate it - I actually love it. I've had to finish off a CJ today for UK Scrappers **Anything Goes** (which Im hosting cos like - I have all the time in the world!) , two layouts and a concertina file for ATDML, orders, phone calls, shopping (including a blummin fire drill mid shop), mothering and baking bread. I bought a bread machine in Asda reduced from £65 to £40. Ive been desperate for one for weeks. I love nothing more than the smell of fresh bread (espesh raisin bread). I can't wait to don my pinny at the weekend for Mark (steady!!) and make like a 50's housewife and present him with a home baked loaf and a request for more stash money into the bargain! Mwahahahahahaha. Oooh I also bought a Picture Mate printer reduced from £99 to £58. I know we are on a spending watch but I sold some paper sorters at the weekend ok? - don't come down on me now - its justifiable. Tee hee xx

Anyway - I digress.....My CJ!! Entitled "Anger Management" is based loosely on what makes you mad, what do you do whilst you are mad and what calms you down. I know it's **RANDOM** but I thought it was better than fluffy white kittens on a stick - or something equally as cutesy. I had so much fun playing with Lollipop Shoppe and making fun little collages but I am also a tad worried cos its going on to Jane Dean who makes fabbo things, even out of doggy poo poo.
And finally - ref the Cathy Zielske and Donna Downey podcast (see yesterdays post). Oh man, I can't stop laughing about it all and how cool those gals sound. So Anna and I are meeting up at the end of March to discuss business and such like but also - whilst we are there - we too are going to do a poscast (a la homage to the Z and the D). Im dying to do it already as I have now got my new glasses (very Ali E if you ask me) and Im going to pretend to be Donna and Anna is just going to be Anna (she won't practice her American accent with me - and yet I sooo have it to a teeee). She will be just posh as normal. Im practising my "Whatever" and "Ch-yeah".

**SO** here's the deal. I need you to pose a question to either Anna or I (clean please - it will be broadcast before the watershed!) and we will answer it via the podcast. Just who the hell do we think we are, I hear you say? Well, Im Donna the Zebra for crying out loud ........ don't question me!


jane said...

Just as I thought - bloody lush, can't wait to stroke it and dribble over the cover

Gill said...

Lusharoonie Kirsty! Love lollipop shoppe its lush enough to lick

Jennie said...

Trying desparately to think of a sensible question for your podcast.

OK, What is the most bizarre item you put on a LO? and what was your very first LO all about?

Hope that helps!

domestic goddess said...

Ok My Q to you is
Whats the first thing you do/think off when you open your eyes in the morning?

cant think of a q for me, doh!

Jolene said...

Ooh, that CJ is lushness on a stick!! Now I'm sulking, though, coz I'm not part of it *harumph*!!! I will put my thinking cap on to think of some fab quezzies :D

Jen said...

I thought I'd already left a question... maybe not. Right then: If you didn't scrap and take piccies, what hobby would you have?

Sally said...

My question is: Where do you actually start. Do you look at a picture and match the paper, or do you see paper and think 'aaah, i know just the piccie for that - and do you then sit and make a plan, or just look at the pics and paper and it just comes to you. Hope that makes sense.

Anonymous said...

My ? is:
Can you widen the bandwith on Scrappad so I can join sob! sob!....I want to be in your gang.

OK another ?
Do you buy much in the way of stash or are you inundated with freebies from which you produce such lushy gorge visions of beauty.


Heather said...

When little miss Lucy woke me at 4.30am I thought of three questions for your podcast as I was falling back to sleep. Now I can only remember one:

What is the correct placing on a layout of a green holographic wheelbarrow. If the podcast has pictures as well as sound please demonstrate.

Ooh, remembered another. Which "famous" scrapbooker's style do you most admire?

Aha, I've just thought of another (not the final middle of the night question, which is perhaps lost forever), which thing (person/event/place) that you've not yet photographed or scrapped would you like to?

When's the podcast happening? (It's so long since I read your post and started this reply that I've forgotten (if I ever knew)!)

lee woodside said...

MMMM this is just yummy scrummy!!!!