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18 Mar 2006

Todays goings on and Challenge Update

Challenge update (see 10th march entry for comp details and artwork)
So much has been pouring in from the girls on UK Scrappers and it looks like the word has spread to scrappers in France and South Africa (they are currently on the case with their artwork as I type!) I had my first entry from Singapore (see 10th March entry) too ...way exciting.
Also, **FREAKING OUT ALERT**- Emily Falconbridge
(Missy *e*) got in touch yesterday ... this girl is uber cool-a-riffic. Infact she was the girl that inspired my Effer Dare #20 (see below). So much fun that was. Anyway, after discussing a little something exciting which might take off in September she also agreed to make a wee piece of artwork to raise the profile a little. Love her already xx Have also received prize donations from Willow Tree Crafts and Scrap-a-Jack - too yummy to give as prizes so I have shoved in my scraproom. Aaaaah, just kidding witch-ya xx
Other Stuff
Feet! You gotta love 'em or hate 'em but either way - they are a part of you. I take care of my tootsies and am quite proud of them but they is a summer accessory more than anything else and in winter they get badly neglected by socks and boots. As the compo ends in 42 days I didnt want the girls to loose motivation with starting their BOM's. So I set them a wee side challenge to help them build up their personal profile. They can choose either feet or hands (I know a lot of girls hate their feet). But with a bit of scrubbing, filing, polishing and loving they can look like my lil size 4's (Size 37 europe) - so small, are they not? This is the picture I am going to scrap tonight and divulge why these little planters serve me so well. Plus I got to show off my party shoes that only get an airing once a year xx

Mark flew off to California yesterday for 7 weeks, Ellie and I are all alone :( We are used to being by ourselves with him living away at base during the week (he is in the army, we live in Wigan and he lives in Salisbury, 230 miles apart!). It felt so strange this morning not having him around. He rang me at stupid o'clock to tell me he had arrived safely. He is 8 hours behind - you can imagine I was not best pleased. So Ellie and I have the house to oursleves - woooohooooo! Party, party, party. Well, sadly, Ellie does miss her Dad and with me trying to do two roles at once just aint gonna be much fun so I am looking for a Mark substitute - anyone know David Beckhams phone number? ps - Do you like this logo for t'shirts? So cool!
**Get scrapping those tootsie ladies and show me your varying shades of polish**


Mel Diener said...


I've just been reading up about your challenge...fantastic!!! I'd love to join in the fun, and I will try my damdest to get something scrapped soon. Got a few deadlines to get through first but!!

And, I just wanted to say, lol..totally loving the t-shirt cool.

Mel xxx

em said...

i have added 'loon' to my vocab now after out little chat yesterday (cos you use it a lot, not because you are one - haha), LOVE it you crazy woman! your feet are CUTE, especially in those ultra glam shoes...cant wait to come over and meet some UK scrappers in september! yea!

Shannon said...

Do you have a Canadian entry yet? I'm a beginner but would love to participate!

Randell said...

Love the toes!! Hope sandel weather will arrive here soon.....Can anyone join the challenge and when is the deadline(I really did look)

Shirls said...
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Shirls said...

HI Kirsty. Thank you so much for your challenge. You can find my layout here

I had so much fun doing it.


Shell said...

Love the shoes hun! I have done my layout but I don't like it so am going to redo! Can I knit it instead??

Christi Snow said...

ooooooh, I adore those shoes...must make time to get my toes ready for sandels this week! Smiles!

scrapdolly said...

Love the T shirt logo

You have created a real storm hun and everyone - me included - is loving it.

Love that tootie shot. Might even inspire me to paint my nekkid winter nails

Sally said...

Love the T. Shirt Logo and this challenge is sooooo totally fablicious. Some brilliant work. I can see a book deal coming on. I bought a book last year with all the winners of a compo in. some fab work and I drool over it nightly. Hope you get to do something with similar with this. Scrubbing me tootsies as we speak.

Caroline said...

Love your shoes, don't know what it is about you Kirky, maybe you are a hypnotist? But you tell me to do something and I will!!I'll paint my toes soon!! Will you just challenge me to tidy up and see if it works

Klala said...

Theres a link to my pages!!!!

Klala said...

And I want that tee!!

domestic goddess said...

gotta have a t like that babes, need to get Ali (noctrl) on the case, she knows a fab printer for tshirts!!!

Sarah said...

I love that t-shirt.
Reading up on the challenges- great fun!!!

Maggie said...

Hi Kristy:
Mine is up on my blog. I have also added the link to the challenge on my post.
That said on the same line I have a challenge regarding imperfection.
Take a look
here's the link

Anonymous said...

I just want that T-shirt....!
how on earth are you going to judge all these entries?! (if i were you i'd cancel it and keep all the stash! mwahaha!)
Amelie xxxx

Jen said...

Yeah, like you're gonna get me to wear strappy sandals in this weather!! Anyway, I don't want people dissecting why my big toe is so hairy or something on the world wide wobble - so I may scrap my hands. DD did a cool French manucure on me this weekend!! The logo on the tee made me pmp LOL