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1 Mar 2006

Thrifty Shopping

We are being a wee bit controlled on our spending (ahem, due to the fact I may be going to Cali-forn-I-A ... watch this space pop pickers!). So to settle my thirst for a bargain and save some pennies into the said deal I came upon these nu shooz last night at Primark. £6. Thats all. Nothing more and nothing less. I adore them and ok - they are not Cat or Nike or even Clarkes own brand for that matter but they is mine and £6 may well have been spent on something frivolous like instant pancake mixes or aunt bessie yorkie puds. Shooz get worn in this house, they may be an accessory but they is usable. And fashionable and most of all cheap. And mine - I said that already but sheeeesh. I must get out more. Perhaps in my nu shooz xx
Also please cast your eyes on these 3 bracelets. My freinds over at the scrap pad are going gagga over making their own. I hope they like my effort. Cos you know, I have like loads of spare time to make such things of beauty. Or you could cheat and buy them for £1 each from Primark. Sorry girls, I admire your gusto but I couldn't help but buy these to adorn my slinky wrists, poised ready for the summer. Might even buy a set for my ankles too, cheaper than tights.

As you know yesterday was shrove tuesday (pancake day) Is it the brits that do this or do other countries follow the trend for stirring up eggs, flour, milk and a pinch of salt (for the funny guys sake I say salt, we do not use salt in anything). We are not religious at all in our house but we do celebrate pancake day. I mean, I think about the religous aspect of why we do it but we are not religious. Anyway, I made some at 9pm last night after Ellie initially turned down the offer in favour of blackurrant jaffa cakes. That was very short lived as she hated them as much as I did, it wasnt long before she sidled back up to me and suggested I make a couple. Now - for those that don't know, Im a yorkshire lassy and making batter for yorky puds comes as naturally as applying lip gloss in a dark room without smearing it over my eyes. I never measure the ingredients and my yorkies are my speciality. And so was my pancake mix. Except pancake number one was a disaster cos it stucked to the pan. {Is it me or is this scrapping/blogging lark taking the mick? Why would anyone want to profess that their pancakes were crap - why not lie and tell the world that everything you did was perfect. Why use a blog to share every finicky detail of ones life. Why? Cos I have a blummin amazing camera and it was switched on - thats why}.
Ellie went up to bed after trying her pancake which she wasnt that struck with, stating that it tasted just like a yorky pud. i allowed her to listen to some music before sleep and took this picture of her. Quite why I chopped off her head I do not know but the image is beautiful because her lips are the most kissable little rosebuds I have ever had the pleasure of schnoozling with - when ever I am blue or simply because I can. Mummies get the best job of being able to cuddle their kiddies to death and sugar sweet kisses from those lips are worth more than a lifetimes supply of jaffa cakes (ouch, that kills me for even admitting to it!!). Ooooh and then the poor love feel asleep listening to S Club which, when you come to think, would send a glass eye off to sleep too.


Heather said...

*whispers* - I used pre-made pancake mix on Tuesday. Hangs head in shame? ;) Excuse - I was making pancakes at the same time as dishes before heading out the door.

Beautiful photo of Ellie's rose-bud lips. I hope she had sweet dreams. :)

Jen said...

Now look here Missy, there's nowt wrong with S Club you know. And DD has even decreed that the Spice Girls are back in and proudly listens to them on her iPod. So there. LOL @ the pancake though...

Chrissie said...

In answer to your pondering...yes other countries do celebrate pancake day (Shrove Tuesday etc.) but they tend to call Mardi Gras (which means Fatty Tuesday!). The countries that celebrate are ones with a Catholic background (or breakoffs from the Catholics i.e. CofE). In Belgium they have these faaaaaaaaaabulous characters called Gilles who are dressed in an orange stripy medieval looking outfit, with bells all over, a big tall hat made of white feathers, and clogs on their feet. They march through the street, stomping their clogs in rhythm and then shaking their bells (stomp, stomp, stomp, shake-shake ...if you see what I mean) and throwing oranges to the crowd (I used to live there).

And I heard a professional chef on telly the other night say that the first pancake nearly always sticks. So there. :-D


Jolenda said...

Bless that sweet child of yours, falling asleep listening to S-Club. My pancakes were PER-fect :D

Jennifer said...

Don't feel bad, my pancakes were awful! Saying that, it's the first time I've attempted these British styles pancakes and have to say, I won't being doing that again anytime soon. lol Being American, I love the thick, fluffy pancakes. :)