Ladies Camera Club

4 Mar 2006

Snow fun without you

Im living the true scrapper lifestyle and grabbing the moment when I can. The snow we had last night was only a mere downpour but enough to warrant a trip to the Three Sisters recreational park which is literally a stones throw from our house. The lake was frozen, the trees iced up so winterly and we were wrapped up like we were on an exploration of the Arctic. When I went to bed last night I pictured the photgraphs I wanted and I got them so here they are. This is for a scrapbook project down the line but also to record the fun Ellie had crunching in the snow, making snowballs and having family fun. Sadly it all melted by tea time as it was a beautiful sunny day.
When I was a kid we lived through snow storms and blizzards and the snow stayed for weeks - often up to knee depth. This global warming lark serves a reminder to us that the earth is hotting up. We just don't get much snow these days. Shame xx


Jolene said...

B'yoodiful photos - I especially lurve the one of Ellie and Mark rubbing noses - so cute!

domestic goddess said...

fab photo's hun, glad you ahd a good day

Heather said...

Lovin' the nose-to-nose photo of Ellie and Mark. beautifu backdrop for the photo.

debbie said...

gorgeous photos kirsty!! Such a beautiful family :)