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25 Mar 2006

Slumming it in Cambridge and Challenge Update

Challenge Update
The challenge details are in the next entry below. I have added to the artwork contributions from Australia and Germany tonight. Also Scrapbook Central have offered a prize for the winner - see the link in the next entry. Also - I was so suprised that Rhonna Farrer had given the challenge another mention on her blog for the 24th March. This girl is such a wizzy wizzo and so much fun.... you gonna do her 21 day challenge too? I am.

Other News
Im in Cambridge right now visiting Anna and her fabbo family. Sue-baru has come too and we are just this minute sending the kids off to bed with a DVD of Charlie and the Chocko factory then we are recording our podcast-a-roo. We spent the day at the park and funfair with the kids taking gazillions of photos and the fresh air has knocked me out. Im innebriated, Anna is knackered and Sue is aghast at the thought. Bring it on I say! We will post the podcast later and Im deffo not doing it live - it will have to be edited and expletives removed post haste.
Ive no pictures to upload as Im at anna's. Oh sod it, i'll go and look for a random photo on google. hang on......... Yes this!!!! - its funny and so for me and Anam to laugh at ourselves about (my Typo's are worse than hers !!)
Ill post park and funfair piccies tomoz xx


Jolene said...

LOL at that cartoon, hun!! Sounds like you're all having a lubbly time - love to Anna and Sue, too :) Talk to you soon! xx

Heather said...

Looking forward to hearing your podcast. :)

(And just saw this morning a link on Ali Edwards' blog to your "International Scrap Yourself Challenge"...)

Lene S said...

I just have to say that this is an awsome challenge! How cool to see so many talented scrappers from all over the world! Thank you Kristy for introducing us to each other ;o)

Mel said...

Looking forward to hearing this podcast... :)

Anam said...

class!!! sounds like you all had a fabby time :) cant wait till the podcast is available.

Elfin said...

I'll get my tena lady ready for your podcast :)

Anonymous said...

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