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20 Mar 2006

Sick baby and challenge update

Challenge Update (For comp details and links to artwork see 10th March entry)
So lovely to see a Norwegian entry today plus another German scrapper giving this a whirl. I encourage you to have a look at everyones work when you geta spare hour (links on 10th march entry)!! So many scrummo layouts and all as endearing as the other. We have another scrapping favourite pledging their support tonight - from no other than Ali Edwards! Keep a look out for her entry on either here or her well-utlised blog - Im too excited for words about that, she is a legend xx
Other Stuff
Belle was not a well baby today. I sprung up to the sound of the alarm and tried to rouse her and she was not having any of it. I again shook her gently and called to her to get up for school. NADA! Ellie has never feigned an illness nor does she play dead but from feeling her forehead (cold and sweaty) I knew it was one of "her" days. Ellies "days" have gone from once every week, to every two weeks, to every three and so on since she was 2 years old. Now she gets them once every three months. nobody knows why she has them but I think its growth spurts. Her body completely shuts down and all she can do is sleep with a cold sweat. Her face goes sallow and she has sunken eyes and then - by mid afternoon - Zippidee Zing!!! Ellie, my baby, is back to life. All grown and ready for milk and a hamble samble (ham sandwich!!) Then more milk, then crisps, then more hamble sambles. She can have pretty much whatever she likes on days like this - cos Im so glad when she is zippidee doo daaaa xx
CK HOF 2006 was announced tonight - iIdont know any of the winners but Im so pleased for them. Apparently we get to hear the audio's of the calls on Friday - that should be good. Full of "You are kidding" "is this a joke" and "oh my gods". Wish I was one of those lucky gals - what an honourxx
**ETA - Go and check THIS out - if anything come of it and it is all in good fun, I will donate all the money to Muscular Dystrophy (a cause dear to our hearts).. thanks to anna for the suggestion - so much fun and frivolity in this house**

See y'all tomozters
PS - Thanks to Anna and Jo for gee-ing me up tonight. Loves ya


greyparrot said...

awww give elliekins a squish from me ~x~
Right on the subject of eyelashes-off to my beauty therapist tomorrow will ask her opinion on them, BUT, I have discovered the bestest mascara in the world. Ok, I have long lashes anyway, but maybellines new lash extender is FAB. £8 ish for a whole bottle. It adds little extensions on the ends of your lashes, and it really works. If I can, I will do a photie of mine eyes for ya tomoz! Lovin the stamps, got mine last week too...I just open the lid for a lil sniff now and again, I might use them soon *gulp*

Sallyd said...

Hope your daughter is feeling better soon. Love that challenge idea

gudrun said...

Best wishes for your daughter. Hope she will feel better soon. ;-)
And THANKS ALOT for your very nice comments on my blog. You made my day! xx

Sweet Shirleen said...

Aww glad to hear Ellie is better, We have 'am Babbages in our house!
I had a dream about you blinking eyelashes last night! Oh geddit? blinking...hahahaha!

Heather said...

Hugs to Ellie. I hope she's feeling better today.

Jolene said...

Hope Lady E is feeling a lot better today, bless her. Big squishes from all of us xx

scrapbookmom said...

Hope Ellie is well. You take care!!

greyparrot said...

ok the mascara review and pics are on my blog. Totally wetting myself watching your ebay bids comeing in!

Jen said...

Poor ol' ellie bellie. Big hugs from me and Claire too xxxxx Hope she is zipadeedooda by now!!

Angela Giles Klocke said...

Hope she's better by now...and I just LOVE the photo!