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31 Mar 2006

Retreat and Challenge Update

Challenge Update (for links to artwork, details of challenge and sponsors - see 23rd march entry)
I keep receiving more and more entries but sadly time is lacking this week. I will post your entries upon my return on Monday. Ive had some very moving layouts and some incredibly poignant layouts too - you are all just so wonderful. Youare all just "YOU" **Waves**.

Other News
I am going away to a retreat in Surrey this weekend. Think manor house, think scrapping, think fun. Im so looking forward to meeting up with girls I have seen about UK Scrappers. Im also looking forward to teaching my infamous minilope book class. I hear this is on Sunday morning at 0830am ......????? What happened to lie ins and breakfast in bed? Its a 4 hours drive so dont ask me why im only half packed, house smelling of burned chocolate, Rhonnas challenge half done and Ellies bag to pack to go to her nannies. I am in need of this break, i cannot tell you how much but I intend to go wild and scrap like a baboon on a major trippy.

Im also very sad to see Creative Scrapbooking has folded. My lovely friend Anna is a regular contributor as was Paula (another one of my scrappo faves). Completely nothing wrong with the mag at all which is sad really but also reflects on the sign of the times. I can't bear to see them dealing with the aftermath of this event. People should let these girls deal with this in a dignified manner. Gonna miss that maggo xx

On a lighter note I went for a swedish massage today with my mum. I went in first and was chatting away to the young lassy and said that I bet you a pound that my mother falls asleep and snores. Both Ellie and I love being massaged and I bully mark into doing my shoulders now and again - but this was heaven as she really got rid of the knots and tension. And yep - I was right. Mum fell asleep and was snoring. She soooo needed that luxury.

Ill upload Rhonnas challenges on Monday - allowing me time to catch up. And for those making comments on mine... I do bob along to your blogs to see them but don't often get the time to comment on them all. You are all too sweet xx


Chrissie said...

Woah..that's weird...I had a Swedish massage yesterday tooooooo! I didn't fall asleep and snore. But I nearly did!

Have fun at SM...say hi to my friend Jules G for me.

Chrissie x

Paula Sealey said...

Have fun at the weekend Kirsty! LOL at your Mum, I do that when I have a massage too!

Galaxy Girl said...

Have fun, enjoy the Surrey air, and meeting people - some of the strangest take day trips to Surrey.

Galaxy Girl

domestic goddess said...

have fun babes, hope to see you sunday,
hugs xxxxx

Jolene said...

Have a fabbo weekend, Kirstles :) - talk to you next week :D xx

em said...

oooh sounds like a blissful weekend (apart from the 8:30 fiasco!) ENJOY! xx

Shell said...

Have a great time - can't wait to see what you do there!!!!

Jen said...

LOL @ the massage. Am soooo jealous of Scrapmanic w/e :( Hey, didja see Tara W's blog? Didja? Didja? Quick, go see :)

scrapdolly said...

fab to spend time with you here in this palatial manor house with all this yummy yummy food and great people
Glad I got to spend a bit of time with my girlie
I am so sad another quality magazine has gone too - the world is not a nice place at times
momma x

Anonymous said...

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