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13 Mar 2006

ok - its official - everyone is Scrapping themselves!

The list of entries for the "Scrap Yourself" compo is in the post for March 10th (below) with a list of prizes to be donated by the relevant if not wonderful scrap shop owners in the UK. This is just a small amount of stuff promised with more to come (most of the shops are closed on a monday... so more willbe added). I have even had shop owners ringing and emailing me about donating prizes - all for the cause of YOU - yes - YOU. Are you going to join the biggest campaign to get yourself scrapped? I have had emails from women who have felt liberated that, with lots of encouragement, it's actually ok to scrap themselves. Its been so moving - some of you have bared yours souls into the bargain and let yourself loose from those annoying "can't scrap/won't scrap me" reigns. The comp ends on the 30th April and is a global invitation (challenge details listed 10th March entry, below). You do not have to send your entry to me - just send me a link to the source so everyone can view it - I will log the link on this blog.
**Great news! Our scrapping favourites Cathy Zielske, Renee Pearson, Tara Whitney, Donna Downey and Rhonna Farrer are joining in for the challenge - all these cool women, all calibres - all fun **


Jen said...

Well, I don't like it, but I did it!! It all looks totally different in real life. The colours match for a start LOL It's in my gallery on the Pad. Do you want that link?

greyparrot said...

CZ! CZ!! CZ!!!!!!!!!!
Oh my *rude word*
You do know I am working on morphing into her? Well a cross of her and Tara Whitney...jeepers babycakes! GO GIRLFRIENDS *spoken in true jerry springer fashion*

janinek said...

I found this through Donna's blog and think it is a great idea, may even try and do it myself.

Missy said...

Wow, congrats to you on taking your challenge to the next level. What an awesome thing to do.

After 2 months of being away from scrapping (I just moved to a new house 4 weeks ago) this is the FIRST layout I made since I packed up all my supplies in my old house.

My entry is posted on my blog. Thanks for the GREAT challenge!!!


bookit said...

love this photo kirsty! i've been watching your photography develop on your blog since your course...i'm hope to take the course myself at some point!

Shirl said...

Love the pic Kirsty!

zarischka said...

Found the link here while reading my favourite Swedish scrap community... so here's another one who's gonna give your challenge a go!

I hope you don't mind if I put a link to your blog, on mine?