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3 Mar 2006

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful. Since we've no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Yipsvilles skipsvilles. Snow. Lovely freezing cold snow messing up the roads and wetting my camera. Actually, Im quite happy about it because Belle is too excited that she can snow-ball her daddy bear. I seriously cannot wait for the morning where I will bury him in it, use 3 stones for buttons and whack a carrot on his face for a nose! Mwahahahahahaha. It only snowed for an hour tonight but man - it fell thick and fast. The kids in the neighbourhood were in hysterics because it rarely snows in these parts. I love seeing kids having so much fun.
Here is my latest layout which involves my baby. We went to the zoo to see her adopted penguin and it was soooooooooo cold. I treated her to a coffee at the cafe but she didnt want to take her mittens off. We actually have to limit the amount of coffee she has as she has terrible circulation and has these weird purple spots on her hands (any docs tell me why?) So her coffee's are like a big deal for her (and me, cos I get to take cute pics like this!).
Anway, back to snow. Is it snowing where you are? We went out for a meal tonight and on the way got stuck in traffic. Luckily I had my trusty camera about my person to take a pic of these wintry trees in between stopping and starting. How many scrappers have taken pictures tonight, I wonder? Share them with me xx


Mel said...

Beautoful, bright, gorgeous and all round Yummy. Well thats Belle dealt with - the layout is not bad either. No snow here - I wish it would snow lots and lots and lots - my mother in law is coming on Sunday! (to be fair I like her, I am just knackered and can't be doing with spending a day being nice, cooking dinner and getting nothing else done!)

Galaxy Girl said...

Kirsty, that's just the sweetest/bright/fabbie lo of your wee one. Love the mitten action.

(Galaxy Girl)

Anne said...

LOVE all those yummy flowers and're FAB!!!

Sally said...

Don't', wanna sound sychophantic here, but your work blows my head off. You have a 'style' without being samey IYKWIM. Each layout is fabbo in its own right - and you've done it again.

Jen said...

Nah! We've only had three snowflakes. And bright sunshine. Go figure! Love your piccies though. And your LOS? Well what can I say :)

Anonymous said...

I echo sals comments.....kirstybrilliantpants you rock!! (or should that be 'rawk'?)

Jak x