Ladies Camera Club

2 Mar 2006

Odds and Ends

Today was a day reserved for tying up loose ends and loose ends I tied- a plenty. Well, I actually tied up a a few loose ends but not all. Some are still dangling in my head waiting for the tomorrow that never comes. In the meantime, I spent hours on the phone catching up with cancellations and new beginnings but most of all I got to finally talk to my team mate at The Scrapbook Magazine - Annie Hafermann. I started at the same time as her so we are the relatively new team members. First of all she is American. How I love to chitty chatty with them - their accents are super cool (must work on that "KAY-Tee" and not "Kaydee" little sweet Annie pie - cos remember, when in Rome and all that!!). I got to know so many lovely things about her that the one hour and forty five minute conversation paled into what felt like 20 minutes. Its was wonderful to make a new freind who shares my passion for scrapping.
Ooooh and I thought Id post this pic. Its a bag I altered using Blonde Moments papers for their stand at the NEC. I also used their matching ribbons and buttons to make it the kind of bag that even Prada would feel threatened by.
Short and sweet today - just like a pygmy dipped in syrup xxx


Andrea said...

Ooohhhhh...... that's a fabby baggy, very scrummy

mandy said...

This baggy is even more gorgeous irl..we all need a little baggy like that :)

Anonymous said...

Wow looks fab, especially as I think I saw this bag neckid. Brilliant, I love those papers

Take care


Jolenda said...

I wanna alter my bag now *pouts*!! Don't think it would turn out like this, though ;) - it's GAW-geous, Kirstles! Pmsl at pygmy dipped in syrup :D

domestic goddess said...

scrummylicious hunny

Sweet Shirleen said...

Fantastic bag ;all those ribbons!!!!*swoon*

debbie said...

kirsty that bag is delish!!


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