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19 Mar 2006

Maya Road-tastic and challenge update

Challenge Update (for comp details and links to artwotk - see 10th march entry)
Sundays are pretty low key in the Wiseman household but not today. Loads of emails and comments on this blog has kept me busy with links to more work in Australia, France and the US. Lovely Laura Solomon has been in touch and has promoted the challenge on two peas - hopefully we shall get some more girls scrapping themselves. I have noticed that with the US scrappers, they are pretty much more keen to scrap themselves but lets not forget it is the USA that has set the trend for all things scrappy and they do it with flair!. I guess the Brits are flagging somewhat - but I must add that the UK scrappers (end everyone else for that matter) artwork so far has been exceptional. Keep your work rolling in ladies xx (and gents - who knows!!)
Other Stuff
Man alive - I got a delivery today - I know.....SUNDAY!!! The Royal Mail around here are slacking big style on deliveries and whilst I should be angry how could I with this baby? I ordered these hunka chunka's from my wee matey Sue. I am a big flowerette of a scrapper and Im not sure if I want to use them. The tin is too cute and they look heavenly placed dreamily in the tin. I might just lick one later, stroke them shortly after and then savour the smell before I atempt to ink them.

Also - Eyelash extention warning!!!! On 16th entry (below) I raved about having my lashes extended. I really wanted to cheer my tired eyes up with these babies and was told they last a good while. Anyway, I was reading a photoshop maggo last night in bed when I felt someting touch my cheek. I totally freaked out and screamed thinking it was a spider only to see a cheeky little extension drop on the duvet. I don't know how I didn't manage to rouse Ellie nor have the neighbours banging on the wall (come to think, I screamed quiet freakishly that I still havent the "are you ok" nor the police come and check on me. I could have been murdered in my bed for all they care come to think - gah!). I proceeded to pull all extensions off as I didn't want to carry on with one eye looking not as symmetrical as the other. Man they wrecked pulling them off and I took a pic tonight to show you. All in good fun - expensive fun, anyway.
Also tried getting more pictures of Ellie today. Those who know me will know how hard it is for us to get a picture of Ellie with her eyes open - even without the flash. Today I conquered and ok, she isnt smiling but I am and Im as happy as a pig in muck xx Actually shortly after this picture today she got really upset and said to me "Why do you always want pictures of me, mum?". As a scrap fanatic on the look out for projects to do and the need to capture every emotion of my darling daughter for my albums - I couldnt relay it at great length and bore the pants off her into the bargain. All I could come up with, in a way only she could understand, was "Because I just love you Ellie". She was cool with that. And then we went to Kentucky Fried Heart Attack for some grease and fun xx


Sally R said...

Glad you weren't murdered in your bed by your duvet, Kirsty.

I've uploaded my challenge LO on my site. Had fun but it took me way out of my comfort zone!

Anonymous said...

Hi i'm new to your blog- but I LOVE IT! And i'm so going to participate- do i just upload my entry to my blog and link it here in the comment section or am i missing an email link somewhere? Cool contest!!!

Jen said...

Gosh Kirky - thank goodness it WAS only the lashes... wouldn't like to think of something horrible happening to you there!! Bloody rip-off though ;) Love the pic of Ellie - bless her! I can imagine her asking "why?", because the picture is so expressive. I'm really excited for you for all this worldwide hubbub darling! It's FAB :)

domestic goddess said...

nice lashes babe!!!!!
oops what a load of tosh hey misses?!
so no eyelash extensions for me this weekend

gudrun said...

Hi Kirsty!
Loved this "scrap yourself" challenge. Sounds so fun! Thanks alot!
My subission is here on my blog.

Sally said...

What a lovely piccie of Ellie. She is beautiful and has lips to die for. What I wouldnt give for a pair of those bee stung little beauties.

Jolene said...

RIP sweet eyelash extensions - your passing was all too quick. That is an absolutely beautiful photo of your gem of a daughter - we wubs her.

Amelie said...

oooh i know what you mean about blinking! oscar is exactly the same!
my photography teacher always told me to close my eyes, and then open them at the last minute when he was photographing me.(lol that sounds seriously dodgy...and its not quite as dodgy as it sounds...;)
not sure how well the closing eyes thing would work with little ones though! shes so cute!

Michelle W. said...

Just found your blog through a friend! Love it!

I'm not too good at scrapbooking myself either. Ugh. I would just get sick looking at myself!

Love the pic of your daughter. She is so cute!


ArtsyMama said...

Gosh, I'm so sorry I spelled your name wrong on my blog. I changed it now. I just hate it when people mess up my name and here I am doing it to a sweeheart like yourself. Forgive me?