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9 Mar 2006

The day I crashed the wedding

oh man - my cheesy song titles this week are making me feel sick. My title is reference to "Busted's" teenybop Blink 182 rip off style song. Why? Cos Im doing my first wedding on Saturday - photography wise anyway. Im not doing the official gather-yer-family-up-like-cattle-and-say-cheese! No, no, no! I am doing the candied shots like the bride getting ready and applying her make up, the bridesmaids playing and laughing, focus on the shoes (that we all pay too much for and never appear in one shot!), her hair... lots of arty shots. I really would like to do this for a living but everything in small amounts hey? I met the bride tonight - she is lovely and so keen to share ideas with me. I have big plans to make her photo's the best she has ever seen. She loves the contemporary styles that Im hoping to achieve so wish me luck (and pray for sun!).

Took these pics of Ellie tonight brushing her teeth in the mirror before she went to Brownies - look at her cascading curls ... those curls, I may add are a nightmare to brush. She screams her head off everyday but that's the price of beauty. She adores her curls but not the brushing. I want them so desperately too x Actually when they dry - her hair boings up to ful fluffiness so if she ever fell on her head (god forbid) she would bounce all over the joint!
Ive just found out tonight from my lovely friend Annie ( -'s got a gun - lol!!) that I made front cover of simply cards and papercraft. Im not sure what it's about. I think it might be a "focus on...." about the cards I made for "The Card Makers Year Book" - Whsmith, £7.99. (You tell me - I havent seen the mag yet yet!!!!) Although I will admit the picture they have used was taken 2 years ago when I was a tad slimmer. Hmmmmm... where are those jaffa cakes? Ive nicked this picture of the mag from PractPub site ...... you can buy from WH Smith for £3.50. Now I find im on the front cover o The Scrapbook Magazine with a wee die cut project I did or was it handmade embellies? Yes - handmade embellies - and Annie is on the cover and Mandy !!**waves to my freinds**
Edited to add this baby I made tonight waiting for Marky to cook my lardy tea. I found this picture floating around the office and thought - bum it - Ill scrap it. Im sick of justifying why I scrap myself to both my freinds and my family. I had this convo with Annie last night about the moaning you get with people saying "Look at you - me, me, me" Well, yes - it's me but it's for Ellie too and if I get run over by a bus in the morning then she has something about me for her. Scrapping is about everything including yourself -the artist and the historian and the memory maker. Make memories about yourself cos ain't nobody else gonna do it xx
PS - fancy a wee challenge? Ive made my lubbly freind Anna "lift" this tonight (but she stooopidly did it on 12x12 - this is 6x6) Tee hee. You wanna have a go? - come on - its only 6x6. You gotta doodle, you gotta prima it and you gotta call it "I am a mother" (If you are not a mum - then improvise or just say "I am a Woman")


Anonymous said...

Just a quickie, have you tried using the kids spray from Superdrug on Ellies hair. My daughter ( also called Ellie ) hates having her hair brushed too, but a couple of squirts of this spray and the tears stop!! Its called Extra Gentle Apple De-Tangling Spray. Its fab.
PS love the blog

Jen said...

Aw! That's what scrapbooking is all about, leaving a legacy, and I think (in light of what has happened to Lemon and other scrappers recently) that you are quite right to scrap yourself. So there. Must take a peek at that cover next time I'm in WHS!

Anne said...

I'll take you up on the challenge...when Dster goes down for a nap...this will be my project....although I simply can NOT doodle!!!

Heather said...

Ooh - writing on a photograph of yourself. Very Elsie!

I like how the patterned paper has the different "Mother/Mom/Mamma" words.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hun

Good luck on Saturday, blow them away!! Not literally obviously

Take care


Paula said...

Congratulations on making the covers!
Cool page.

scrapbookmom said...

Good luck at the wedding!!! I'm sure it'll be an awesome sunny gorgeous day.

Congrats on the mags!! That rocks!!

You should scrap yourself and I'm working on a "book of me" album. Here's the problem. No pictures of ME. ME ME ME!!!! I have the pages ready to go but no pictures to put in. I'd love to do your challenge but I'd have to do a cartoon stick figure drawing of myself.

You take care!!!!!!

greyparrot said...

gosh it is all go in your life!
Congrats on the covers, and hope the wedding is superdooper!
I have accepted your challenge and it is up on my blog already!

Anonymous said...

Oh Kirsty you blog is my daily bread ...hahaha . Loved the "i am a mother" challenge - thanks for being such an inspiring YOU -debsxxx

ArtsyMama said...

I love this...and am working on my own page! Are these doodles hand drawn or rub ons? Thanks!

ArtsyMama said...

Me again. I can't find an email for you, sorry for posting on your comments. I would LOVE some! Could you email me at and reply and I'll give you my info? THANKS:)

Ellie (snipper) said...

Hi, so THIS is where it all started?!! Haven't cracked your challenge yet, but I will. It's megaglobal wonderful. And so much inspiration.