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22 Mar 2006

Cup o' Rosy and Challenge update

Challenge Update (for comp details and links to artwork - go to 10th march entry)
Ok we got our first Kiwi and South African entries today plus 2 more from Norway (Are these girls hiding from us - I never knew there were so many great scrappers!). Had 3 more shops wanting to donate prizes and they are Bubbly funk, Scrapbook castle and Scrapperdashery. The links can be found on the 10th March entry. Keep all your work coming in Ladies - remember scrapping isnt always about {them} - its also about {you} xx

Other Stuff
I do love a good cup of rosy lee (tea - to all of you who dont know cockney rhyming slang). This tea service is actually a minitaure set and I dragged it out of my fancy-things cabinet to make a picture for a CJ due out on Monday. The book I have is from a girl who works with Dyan at Art from the Heart and her subject is "Quintessentially British". Whenever we go to cutesy little twons and villages there is nothing more I like than to go into a cafe and have tea and scones. Ellie thinks she is so important when we have occasions like this but she much prefers coffee. I also took a picture of how one is supposed to drink tea - with crooked little fingers and all. BUT!! I had the shock of my life as I came to review the pictures on the computer - my hands look so old. Im going to treat my wee mitts to some TLC and a dunk in some hot wax.
The bonkersness that is E-BAY has our hopes for a charitible donation with a difference. They have gone up to £11. I know most of the bidders are my freinds in disguise - you are just too kind and you know how dear this charity to us....Im so thankful. I have also set up the t-shirts that so many of you asked me about. Go to my cafe press shop (I know - Ali Edwards launched one on the same day - it is a sheer coincidence!!!! But look further down and you will know I had this on the cards!!) Click HERE to see the mega funko T's and bits. Again, profits from the sales will go to Muscular Dystrophy. xx


Little Monkey said...

Hi Kirsty, have wandered over from the lounge - the t-shirts are a brilliant idea - i've ordered one to help your fundraising (and cos it's pretty cool).

domestic goddess said...

brilliant babes, off to get mine ordered too

Gillian Greding said...

I know what you mean about visiting little cafes in quaint villages. I ADORE that! When I visit Ireland I always stop by the local tea houses and have a hot chocolate and some biscuits. Divine.

Sweet Shirleen said...

I want to go for a cream tea now! I used to work in a Raffles tea room and they have the best service and the most amazing array of cakes and pastries, people would actually choose a holiday destination where there were Raffles!

jolene said...

Oh Krusty, that tea service is SO cute! Love it! Right, gotta go get the low-down on these t-shirts now!!