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14 Mar 2006

Comp Details on March 10th Entry

More Wedding Pics
Some of you have been nagging me about the wedding pics I took on Saturday. Well here are two of my faves but the quality is poor on blogger as it compresses them pretty bad. Click on the pictures to see a better view but again - they are not crisp on blogger :(

Im toying with getting Typepad just so that the likes of these photos get a good airing. The bride was so much fun and willing to pose at all angles even though it was FREEZING cold - in that dress too!!!. Her beautiful tied bouquet was a dream to photograph .. if you get close enough you can smell the fragrance .. go on scratch and sniff the screen, I dare you xx
Comp entries are coming in streams that I can handle - Ive had to move all the UK scrappers links to the BOM gallery on UKS (see 10th March blog entry)
**Renee Pearson has sent me a link to her entry here
**Cathy Zielske has even doodled and flowered up a page here
Thanks you girls... you have made liberating ourselves that little bit more special xxxx


Anonymous said...

"scratch and sniff the screen" :O OMG Kirsty, you know how I feel about NOT touching screens. Guess who :)

Traci said...

Beautiful shots!

Jen said...

You nutty moo! Thank you for calling me a pancake - I am most honoured ma cherie :) PS the link to CZ's blog has a typo darling so it won't connect, and I can't see Ms Pearson's either :( (having a strop now). How ARE you going to vote? They are all so gorge and fab....

Jen said...

fab wedding shots, if you fancy a trip to essex year after next... please do my wedding lol!