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16 Mar 2006

Challenge Update

Challenge Update (- Main details fo Challenge is on 10th March entry)
I am totally freaking out here - we have entries from New Zealand coming in and Finland which is sooooo cool as well as Sweden, Netherlands, US and of course the UK. It will be another 7 weeks of receiving the layouts which you have all pledged to do. But still keep encouraging all of your buds to give it a whirl and put a stop to all of those that hide behind their hermas! Be free and show the world how beautiful you are.

**Have you seen the work already coming in? the UK Scrappers BOM gallery is looking like an explosion in a beauty pageant - lots of glamour, flowers and swirls - love it**

Other Stuff - Eyelash extensions!
Lord only knows why I had this done but sometimes we feel the need to pretty our little selves up, huh? My roots badly needed retouching this afternoon (yup, fake blonde alert**) and at the salon where I go they also have beauty treatments going on upstairs. The girl there has these amazing lashes which go on for about two hundred thousand miles and I soooooooooooooooooooooooo had to get some. Ok, they are not exactly bridget bardot, "man-in-drag" type lashes but they add a little twinkle to the eye and we all could do with a little twinkle now and again. But how can onecope with that lil twinkle when one has to wear spectacles whilst surfing the net (some of you didn't know that did you? Got me some Ali Edward inspired babies a few weeks ago for my stinging eyes). Trouble is the lashes are so long that the lens is squishing them back towards my eye socket and I can't flippin blink. Tis true about beauty having its limits and mine may well last only half a day cos I might have to rip the damn things off my eyelids before bed time.

Today I got a parcel from Artbase (prob one of my top 3 shops for buying all the up-to-date stash) and they had donated lots of yummables towards to the prize. Stickers, tape runners, embellies ... just all dying to be housed in the craft box of the challenge winner. In amongst the parcel was a gift for me wrapped in bubble wrap. Now bubble wrap and I are the bestest of friends - they are the biggest de-stresser a gal could wish for. Rather than unravelling the contents I popped my way through to the middle (such joy!) only to find the most yummable yummos ever!

Have you tried After 8's bitter lemon after dinner chocs? Well, I held a retreat last November and offered these as a treat for the girls who hated them and I had to practically eat the box to myself. THEY ARE HEAVEN and you gotta try them. You can imagine I was overly delighted that Emma at Artbase had remembered my love for all things citrussy ... thanks Emma and thank you for the prize donation (Sadly I can only get to sniff the prize and not win it!!)
See you t'mara!


Jolene said...

Ooh, save some bitter lemon After Eights for me, Kirstles - they sound de-LISH!! Love anything lemony :) Your lashes look b'yoodiful, dahhhhling! xx

Nicola said...

See Emma got me these (and some lovely flowers) for my birthday and i was not taken by them i will be sticking with mint.. Emma likes to try all new funky chocolates. :)

greyparrot said...

lemon 8's are mingin! I can't stand them yet I am a citrus fan! Ah you have discovered the probs of long lashes and peccies...a battle I face every day...*sigh* such are the hardships of having sooper lashes missy!
Oh and btw ta muchly for the bird link I adore it!

greyparrot said...

sorry last comment should have said speccies not peccies pmsl!

Sweet Shirleen said...

Trying not to think of eyelashes on peccies!!! Anywaaaay pop into the opticians and see if they will adjust your glasses hunny most will do it for nuffin cos they are darlings!

ArtsyMama said...

This is way too much fun! Here I am

bookit said...

ahh...i hear ya on the eyelashes! i wear glasses all the time and my lashes are NATURALLY that long, it's a real pain!!!
here's a have to slide you glasses to the end of your nose and adopt the school mistress look...then it works :)
looking forward to seeing a pic of this in your blog ;)

ArtsyMama said...

Thanks for the sweet words on my blog. I'm still trying to figure out your email. My name is Kari. Tee hee:)

Caz said...

Kirsty, I'm overly excited that I will be seeing you so soon! Can't wait to rub shoulders with ya gorgeous (what I really want is some of your talent to rub off on me mwhahahahahaha)!

Andrea said...

I'm done ... I was so excited about your challenge that I sat down right away last night to finish my Layout for your challenge - and here it is - with best regards from Germany ...

Hugzzz Andrea

Klala said...

Love that lash pic!!!


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