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24 Feb 2006

Taking a break

Im at my mormies house over in Bridlington and I have not got a care in the world. Its so liberating being away from the smelly radiator house and the confines of our small abode which is bursting at the seams. Ive scrapped, eaten total lard and pottered between rooms doing ball all. Its too cold to take Ellie out so she has revelled in being in her jim-jams (all day!) and not having her hair brushed - which she adores. PLUS!!! We've got two more full blissful days of total relaxation and we love it. Just me and Belle being buds without any inteference of any sort (except my mum bossing us about!!)
As I dont often come to Bridlington I try and take as much sea air in as I can. But like I say above, its too blummin frozo for that. However, one managed to sneak a trip to The Paper Trail Company which only sells the new Bo Bunny and daisy D's stuff. Gee Wizzanora!! I slurped my way around Jane Bentley's shop looking for things to whet my appetite and actually touch. I dont live so near a scrap shop so this little luxury today had my head spinning and my debit card choking. Do check out the new Bo Bunny ppaers which has gone from twee to funky loo laa in one season. Loves them xx

Since I came here I learned that my lovely freind Lemon has lost her husband under desperate circumstances. Ive been thinking about it ever since I heard on Wednesday and I can't stop dwelling over it. I only saw Lemon on Monday with MGC at Stitches and she had her usual beaming smiley smile on her wonderful freckly face. I lubs Lems. She sends orders out in seconds, has a hearty laugh I love to hear and is so genuine. So why does this have to happento her? She doesn't deserve it. Debbie Nicholas and Jakey have kept us informed of her well being so far and simply loads of her freinds have asked what they can do to help. Debbie has set up her own paypal account to take donations (of which there is an astonishing amount of cash already for her and Raena). If you know Lemon or feel you would like to help, please click on the "Debbie" link to the left here and find out more xx


domestic goddess said...

Oh babes, so good to hear you are well and having a fabby time being spoilt at your mum's. the new of Lemons husband has been a great shock to us all, and Debbie has done a fab job collecting donations, it does make you realise what you have, very suddenly,
take care hun and i loof forwrad to hearing form you
big squishy hugs(but no touching me back!) to both you and Ellie

Jen said...

Sounds like you are having such a fab time with your mormie (I miss mine :( she lives in a whole nother country). I am so desperately sad for Lemon and Raena, although I don't know them apart from the famous nekkid shot of Lemon on uks... It really does make you want to hug your loved ones CLOSE.

Mel said...

Hi Kirsty m'dear, glad to hear you are enjoying relaxing with your Mum and Ellie. Take Care, Mel x