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21 Feb 2006

Stitches & Blonde Moments

Sheeeeeeeesh - what a weekend. Ive just spent 1 and a half days trawling through some great stands looking for hot stuff for Practical Publishing to show off and for my eyes to absorb. For those that dont know, Stitches is the hobby and crafts retail show catering for scrappers, card makers, knitters, sewers, painters etc etc. I suppose what you sort of see at Stitches is a snippet of what you see at CHA. The biggest drool of all? CRATE paper! Its gorgous and I must have it. Becks at Scrapgenie is distributing it and it will be hot hot hot. And Colour me Silly looks awful online but in real life - man...gotta get some.

Aside from the American stuff I turn myself to the British and the wonders that is Blonde Moments. Dyan and Mark had a boudoir for a stall in hot pinks and lilacs to showcase the Sugar Dumpling range we all know and love. They have introduced some acrylic paints and lush pearl powder pots to compliment the range with some fabbo ribbons and fibres to match. ALSO they gave us a sneak preview of their next range which is Suet Pudding in black, greys and whites and Spring Fling in citrus colours so juicy - that you have all your spring and easter layouts covered in a complete range. Their stall was buzzing and of course will be a hit. I had made some things for their stall but forgot to photograph them. Id made my first canvas, a kind of Flapper hat and an altered handbag using Sugar Dumpling. Its all excitement indeed.
I stopped at my wonderful Friend Jo's house where I was met with the usual warm welcome and cudles from her divine girls. Jo helped Dyan out with being her personal admin assistant -what with emails and sign making. Jo, you are an angel of scrumptiousness and where would this world be without you? I love that family and we are off to see Take That at the end of April, but please dont tell anyone....ssssshhhh! I cant believe left her house (again) without a picture of the pair of us. Next time ey? Oooh and massive thanks for your listening ear xx
At the show I met Mandy Anderson who is larger than life and full of baked beans and loopy juice. Ask her to do the tuna dance if you get the chance to meet her. Its a one off! Along with her I re-met Lils and newly-met Lyn who made our foursome a knockout. Lyn is such a pixie and had the pink boots to prove it. She has a shop on the Isle of Man where squirrels dont exist and you are not allowed to say Rat (apparently there are no Rats on the Isle of Man, so its kind of bad luck to say it. In restaurants they dont serve ratatoulle, its long tailed-toulle - god help us!). Oh my god, this girl made me laugh a lot. Lils is a mad march hare who works for a posh new agency by day (reuters no less) and pole dancer by night.... or so I am led to believe. I think she is working on the Caviar bar but I might have to get back to you on that one.

I also met Caroline too - she had made Becks a fabulous little keepsake for Eden. She was good fun and Im so glad we met up. I also met - oh my god, I sooooo met Mel and Jill from A Trip Down Memory Lane. I won a place in their design team recently and had the chance to thank them personally. Such brillo gals who bought everything for their shop which is here. I look forward to spending my dosh with you xx. I also met Emma from Artbase. Im one of her massivest fans. Ive shopped there for a long time and she was great to meet. She also introduced me to Lorraine from Just a Memory who is also very tiny and adorable. With them two I also got to meet Mr Quickutz and boy he is one handsome dude. Mandy has replaced her love for Barry at Pract Pub (who is eye candy and a half!) for Mr Quickutz whose name escapes me as his business card is in the bottom of my AMM tool tote (which I received on Friday and is full and is my pride and joy - thanks to Flutterby Designs xx).

I got to within 12 inches of Monsieur Tim Holtz. I like to think i got to schmoltz with the Holtz but there were so many ladies gagging over him... I just didnt stand a chance for a quick snog and a grope. Ahem. Got to talk to Alan (Mr Ranger) who was prolly overwhelmed with all these women throwing themselves at him in hope of a free trip to Ranger as a personal product tester complete with white picket fence house, $250,000 salary and a beaten up Lincoln or Buick for Americana effect. Got a sneaky peek of Stacy (Mrs Junkitz), chit chats to Natalie and Becks who were being very important launching their new venture, quick hellos to Michelle, not a chance to say hello to Katie Hallam (sadly) but will make up for it somehow. Who else did I see? oh yes, Lemon and MGC - such a breath of fresh air and so much fun to see when in need of a caffeine fix. Lubs chitty-ing to them lots. I never got to see Jane or Gill who were probably "pressing" it and obtaining goodies for their respective mags. I really wanted to meet them too. If I have forgotten anyone else, let me know and Ill shout out for you xx

I left pretty much earlier than anticipated. I wanted to and I was feeling bothersome. The journey home was quite long and dreary and I was planning to go to bed when I got in to recouperate. But No. The stupid stinky radiator met me in the hallway and I just broke down and sobbed my heart out. So why cry over a radiator and a smell?. I dont know but I just did. Ive got to get Environmental health in and fortunately my hubs cousin is a gas engineer ... he might come and see me again xx with any luck xx (I know he reads this!).
So now Im sat here just dillying when I should be dallying. Im off to my mums tonight for a few days to have a rest and be with Ellie and do some fun mum and lil girls stuff. Tell me what you are up to - I hate missing you can prolly tell.


Shell - who wants too much said...

Loving that Suet Pudding paper - Neeeeeed some of that!

I also hankering after the Crate Paper - tis on my Burp-day list!

debbie said...

sounds like you had a fab time honey! Wish i could have gone now :( oh well next year maybe ;) ellie looks such a sweetie in the photo - is she laughing or crying? (or just blocking her nose from the radiator - which i hope you get sorted soon hun must be a nightmare!)

Miss Sixty said...

yummmmmm, I love the new Blonde Moments paper. When/where can I get it?! :)

domestic goddess said...

oh babes chin up, have tried to ring you and left a message, guess you are needing time out. Sounds like you got to see loads of scrummy men and paper!!!
have fun at your mums, and give Ellie a huge hugs form us

Jackie said...

I looked out for you Kirsty but sadly missed you, brought you Jaffa cakes too just in case :(

Next time, x


Anonymous said...

Gosh you've had such a fabbo if not exhausting couple of days. NOTHING I can add will be half as exciting so I'll add...nothing!
A hug from Belle will wash away the smelly rad syndrome.
Have fun!!


Jolenda said...

Hello darlington ;)

It was a joy to see you, and a pleasure to be Dyan's admin assistant in a very weenie way - we loved having you to stay, and can't wait for the next visit when you and Lady E come to see us for *whispers* 'Take That'!! Whoopa! Give that lovely girl of yours a big squish from us; the girls are missin' ya already!

amberjane said...

love that paper so much - so fed up that getting anything from England cost me so figging much !! I am also lusting over the Crate papers they are fab :) Take care babes (((hugglies)))

jane said...

Wish I had caught up with you, I wandered aimlessly, managed a free orange juice and glass of water, nothing else, met some lovely peeps, avoided some toehrs, cried when it was time to leave my sister and got home with feet like they had been bashed with hammers

Anne said...

OHHHHH, what fun!! I am so sad (and yes jealous) to have missed out...I went to the Textiles in Focus Show in Cambridge...which was fab, but not even close to Stitches.
Promise I am going to call very maybe thursday!!

mandy said...

Kirsty... i had such a fabby time with you, trawling the stalls and dribbling over all the gorgoeus stash together ... even though i could have easily spent the whole time living in the blonde moments stall.. that stash is even more fabilious irl if that is at all possbile and you are sweet and gorgeous and wonderful and you introduced me to the joys of cheese steak too!!! What more could a girl need xxxx

Mel said...

Kirsty - I HATE that pic of me but seeing as you were such a sweetie I won't complain toooooooo much! The Blonde Moments range is fantastic - we had just got to the stand and decided to buy it all when we bumped into you there and as it also came recommended by you it sealed the deal! LOVELY to meet you at last - sorry about you horrible radiator incident but at least you got to go away, leave the radiator and the smell behind and spend time with your Mum and Belle. Mel x

Lily said...

I made it!! I'm here finally!

T'was lovely meeting you Kirsty, you are such a darling! Sorry you had a poo radiator time when you got home.

Oh... and you must have misheard me... I work for a NUDE Agency by day (called Ruders). I only pole dance on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I work the caviar bar on Saturdays... a girl's gotta have a break!

Lily xx


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