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11 Feb 2006

Photo opp Ellie

The only way these days to get a great picture of Belle is to take a profile shot. Her eyes are slowly getting used to the light at photo calls in our house - but not enough to warrant a full frontal, eye open shot. I had to take pictures of us three today for the layouts below. Whilst Ellie was in a fun mood, we took the chance to get her to relax and have her picture taken. She is shy and can be a little moody (like her poor mum) but today was good. Satisfying for the soul and pleasing in the heart. She is a babe and she is loved so much that I feel I could burst. I like this picture in colour but love it as much in black and white. I got to grips with grayscale techniques on photoshop tonight with the aid of my fabbo book which I bought myself for my birthday.

These projects were entered in for the final of - so far Im still in the game but every hour between now and midnight (uk) and midnight eastern time USA (5am) someone will get knocked out. Im sad that Mei-Lye and Frenchy have gone as we speak and who knows who will be out next but its a competition and may the best man win.
The first layout here is based on a sketch - boy its hard to sketch to someone else designs. I stck to the main elements and the theme being "Home". As our house is not exactly my palace, I nurtured the fact that all 3 of us, no matter where we are and as long as we are together - we are "home". I used my fabbo new daisy d's and I have to say - they are complete fabboness with a hint of scrumpsh thrown in for good measure. Believe it or not - I had no idea our clothes would match so well with the papers.
The next layout was based on "Ad Inspiration". This was based on an advert from days old to do with boxing. Itsnothing like the ad except for placement and colour - wow, Im gald I chose them colours. I did a picture of my brother and his lushly girlfreind Kerry and I hope to god they get married cos they so suit each other. I want an occasion to get dressedup, get mad with the family and have fun fun fun.
This layout was based on another sketch but to my own theme. I chose the sublime/K&Co papers which spell out words for girls. I was unsure about including the words sexy, goddess and broad (as in female and not wide - but wide would suffice) but mark egged me on. I just cant say these words about myself and I often die with embarassment when I hear them so to play on that - I posed as the three wise monkies to make it fun. I love the colours in this one. But have to admit - the sketch was freakishly hard if not testing. But its done and who knows where I will be in the compo. All I know is that I gets to fill my album up and havelots of creative time in the process.
Wow - I do go on, don't I?


Jennie said...

That photo of Ellie, is just like a 1930's B&W film. Something like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. It gorgeous!

{love the brackets idea too} :0)

KimmyS said...

I ADORE the picture of Ellie - it's beautiful!!!!

And I am loving all the LO's you did. You're getting better and better (if that is possible at all coz you are amazing anyway!)

Good luck hun, fingers crossed

Anne said...

MY OH MY, these are so fabulous....LOVE THEM ALL!!! You're so darn talented!
PS, I worked on my blog, so check it out when you've time!

Lynz said...

Wow. So, I've finally been prompted to post (long time reader, first time caller! ) coz that wee girl is just adorabubble. Not to mention those rather spiffy LO's.......good luck in the comp! I be green monster.

P.S. Oh yeah, and I spotted the Mr. Wonder ref in yer profile, too. MSP *AND* Stevie?!? My kinda girl.

Jolenda said...

Yummy scrummy photo of your gorgeous girl - give her a squidge from all of us :) The layouts aint bad, neither ;) !!!

Galaxy Girl said...

Wow, what a fabbielicious picture of your beautfiful sweetie. I love the catchlights that you've got - why can I never get them!