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2 Feb 2006

Never judge a book....

The age old saying that we should never judge a book by its covers confuzzles me. I was in Borders tonight with my Belle scanning through all the fabbo mags I can never afford (and using my camera on my mobile to take sneaky pics of stuff i like) . I love it in there - its so trendy and cosmo and I like to give off an air of "I can read" and I regularly pop into the shakespeare section to have a quick flick whilst raising one quizzical eyebrow to RADA would-be's passing by who will quake in there boots as they tend toread from lame scripts, where as I know the complete unabridged works and fox them all. Then Ellie will pass me a book by Stephen Hawkins where she asks "whats this mum?" and I struggle reading the title - damn! Cover so blown right off. "Ellie?" I said, "go and read that quantum physics book I recommended to you before christmas and practice some logarythyms or something binary or algebraic" ...... I think you k now what I mean.

Anyway, I picked up a book on DSLR and photoshop hints (so i can rule photograph-dom) and went to queue. Book stores are sneaky little bags huh? They make you trawl through all the boring bookshelves in not-so-alphabetical order and there - in front of you as you slowly make your way to the til at minus 60mph are the kind of books you have to pick up without reading the preface, the synopsis, the "To my darling dog spunk, to whom i dedicate this 6 page book" and the last page (im a last page girl, sorry!). Jordans second boigraphy is out and she is bleating on about being a size 4. Hell fire, she is my ankle. With boobs. I can see you visualising that right now. Naughty! Also there are a handful of books a recommended by Richard and Judy, some colourful front cover chick lits and this book here .......
The title just grabs you doesnt it?
You think with a title like that the book is gonna be really bad. So as the marketing and sales team at Borders predicted - I picked it up to have a read. I flicked to a random page headed "Faux swear words" Oh. My. God. I laughed out loud and so hard that the man in front of me just looked and wafted his book on "Crop Rotations in the 14th century" as if to shoo me away.

The marketing and sales team actually failed on that occasion cos I didnt buy the book. This is where you come in. Its my b'day next week and I thought you might all like to club together and buy me it. Its on amazon and quite cheap. I mean, its the least you can do - I dont charge you for looking at my blog do I? I'll let you get away with it if you can recite the last page of "Crop rotations in the 14th century" (in Bengalese).