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9 Feb 2006

My Perfect Day - {Spoilt Rotten}

Do you love how I used the "{}" above? Im following the trend of using these funny little brackets. I have absolutely no idea how they are used in everyday punctuation. I thought they were a mathematical symbol but clearly they are "de Riguer" in scrapping so to be accepted amongst the throng of commoness - I shall use them {as much as I can}.

So - yesterday {my birthday - here is me looking 35}. It was a fabbo day. The sunshine was out and that aint been a regular weather feature round these parts for weeks. That lifted me up immensely. Ellie joined me in my stinky pit for a birthday snuggle and gave me her card proceeded by marks card. He often gives me a jokey and a normal card. The jokey one was the usual "derogatory" style you would expect from a male chauv. The normal one was the type I like to take to pieces two weeks later and use on another card. He likes the hand crafted one and fortunately there were no holographic wheelbarrows on it! Above is a small section of the cards I got - Im very lucky to have such gorge freinds and family xx

Lemme start with my fabbo pressies now. This is Jolenda Jolaquetta from my freind Jo with the very rude issues. I wubs Jo - she is priceless and her kids are incredibly edible. Ive started to collect these beautiful ornaments by Willow Tree and she added No 2 to my collecsh. {not a number 2 as in you know, number 2!} I lubs her and I named her Jolenda because Jo and I have this daft notion to call each other something ree-dick every time we chat on messenger. I think she calls me Kirstles right now whereas Ive just stopped calling her Jolene and perhaps may change it to Joho {as in Boho but she is not Boho at all. Boho is like - just so cool to call someone right now like Sienna Miller or Helena Christiansen whom Ive been likened to on many occasions}. Anyway - isnt this angel beautiful? Do you like my carpet as well?
From Anna I received practically the entire range of Daisy D's papers. I wubs them and have licked them 100 times already. She also sent me a cropper hopper crop case {which I do not posess}. I totally freaked out because not only was it scrumpsh, all the pockets were stuffed with pampering products from Molton Brown. Anna is a Molton Brown snob. I tend to use cheapo smellies from Sainsburys and I think she might be giving me a hint of something luxurious as we are clearly quite poor! Mwahahahahaha
Next thing I know - Im getting a fabbo parcel from my favvo forum birthday swappee at the Scrap Pad. The talented, my "A trip down memory lane) DT matey - Clare Brown. First of all - the card - so bloody funny. Then the wrapping paper. Hell fire, it gorgeous and worthy of a few altered projects. Then I opened up this black suede ATC wallet to reveal 4 ATC's done up from one page {cut into 4} from a Degas painting. I LOVE IT. Its so beautiful and I cannot stop touching them. Im completely honoured to have such a talented freind who would go to such trouble for my birthday. But thats not all - she also sent me these wunnerful things. An art hournal for me to cover and fill, a book of 100 birthday wishes which is eye candy for photo fans like me and an altered CD with music which happens to be just right up my street.
Oh what a day it was. then I get a call from Dyan at Art from the Heart. This is is where my day just got amazingly better. She had no idea it was my birthday and we were chatting along about her shows coming up and how she is struggling to get projects done in time when out pops the the most amazing 9 words I had heard come from her lips. Do. You. Want. To. Be. In. My. Design. Team?
I do.
So after picking myself up off the floor I went to set to work with a few bits and bobs for deadlines and then get ready to go out for a chinese banquet. As I was getting freshened up I gets a lovely call from Natalie who didnt know that during the call I had discreetly taken a bath. Until the last trickle of water on my face splashed into the bath where she immediately sussed it out - BUSTED! Out for tea we went with my M and FIL, Mark, Belle, Glynn and and his Fiancee Chezza. I got some snaps of Ellie using chop stick - and for a late night out - she was such a good girl but the staff did make a fuss of her and she enjoyed being a grown up. I love that little girl so much. The food was exquisite and judging by the bill we knew we had enjoyed some fine food at a fine price. £177 later I was at home watching Desp Housewives and a foot massage. And then snore. Good days deserves good blogging. Glad I could share it with you xx


Jen said...

Fantastic news! DT wow!!!! Glad you had such a fab birthday. You deserve every little bit :)

Heather (in Scotland) said...

Wow - what a cool birthday, with super gifts. Glad you had a special day. :)

mandy anderson said...

Woo hoo you are flying on the back of wonderful opportunities at the mo and rightly derved they all are:) and whats more you had a fabby biffday too... what more could you need??

Presents all look totally scrummy, specially the atc cards from clare :)Sounds like you had the best day ever..

Happy birthday you

Jackie said...

Glad you had a lovely day, and those ATC's are to die for!

Jak x

(honoury groupie)

Chrissie said...

I've only read as far as your bit about the {} and just had to say... in correct punctuation they are used to bracket together a list and then make a cover-all statement about that list, e.g.

Dogs }
Cats } Mammals
Sheep }
Pigs }


So now you know! LOL

Chrissie x

Chrissie said...

Normally there would be one big } but I can't do that in this comment box! LOL

Paula said...

Congratulations! What a fab day. :)