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16 Feb 2006

a little delivery

I get my post in the morning and parcels in the afternoon. Ive been teetering on the edge of my sofa all morning with the blinds twitching. Im expecting Urban Couture and Hang 10 from Basic Grey, My AMM Tool Tote and a prize I won at "A Trip Down Memory Lane". I saw the postie come up the close with what looked to be a bag full of post for me. He had in his hands a small bundle of letters and a pink little box. Before he had chance to ring the doorbell, I sashayed up to the door, opened it and greeted him with a smile. He had a recorded delivery pink box for me (but not pizza box shaped - damn!). The letters were bills and credit card offers and such junk but the wee pink box puzzled me. I hadnt ordered anything small. I opened just a tiny corner and the instantly recognizable blue colouring on the box made me smile. IT WAS A BOX OF JAFFA CAKES!!!!!!!! I wubs them - they are my sanity (next to bazzill and basic grey and sei). I read the note and it was from Annette (Muckyfingers) who had sent me it as a late birthday present. TOTAL JOY in a little blue box. I put the kettle on and opened the packet and took a bite. Well not only did I choke but I sat there and had this startled look about me. What was wrong with the little offending bicky? It tasted more citrussy that your average jaffa and perhaps the recipe had changed. And it had indeed. I checke dout the box again and it seems Annette had sneakily got me the new "lemon and lime" range and boy.. after thinking about it was I glad. These are the new "Black" of jaffa cakes and I ate 7 in one go with a gallon of tea.

Now where is my blummin Basic Grey?. The postman is obviously on a death wish. Do I use my heat gun or my craft knife?


Sarah (Flo) said...

I'm waiting on Hang 10 and Urban Couture too :(

and I didn't even have Jaffas in the post to make up for it - be grateful missy!!! :D

maybe tomorrow for both of us.....fingers crossed

Jen said...

OMG! Lucky lucky you :)