Ladies Camera Club

8 Feb 2006

Jaffa/Birthday Cake

Anyone who knows me will vouch the fact that my favvo most bestest treat is a jaffa cake - or an entire pack of 12. This particular picture eeerily has the face of David Beckham etched into the plain chocolatey coating. Thats double the fun for me. A jaffa cake and david in one session. Yum. I expect Mark will bring me a jaffa in the morning with a candle placed a-top with some nice birthday brekky and my belle will no doubt give me the best present ever - a cuddle.

Ive actually had my pressy from mark. He bougt me a fabbo Fuji S2 Pro DSLR camera for me to take brillo pics with - I think he answered my call to be Tara Witney! Its one hour and ten minutes into my birthday and I aint exactly jumping for joy. Im 35, feel 25 but look 55 these days. And after yesterdays tales of twisted story telling, I think ive aged another 10 years on top. Pass me the oil of Ulay and some happy juice please.
ps Thanks to everyone so far who have sent me cards and trinkets and presents. Im totally delighthed - a card is just nice and the wee extras are totally unecessary but gratefully received all the same xx


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kirsty, Hope you have a good one :)
Suzanne and Ella

Anonymous said...

Happy Burpday Hunny!!

Have a simply spiffing day

Fabbo news on the camera, I am still working on one for my birthday but Paul wants to get me a van!!!

Take care


Ali and Levi

Heather (in Scotland) said...

Happy bithday, Kirky.

Cool - I've more chance of booking a Kirsty W photo session than a Tara W session (given she's thousands of miles away)...

What's the funky music that plays at the moment in the mp3 vid at the bottom of your blog page?

debbie said...

happy birthday honey - and give over with the 'i look 55' business, we will soon be slinky little minxes mmwwwaahhhaaaaaa :)

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday Kirky! Hope you have a fabbo day.

btw, that Jaffa is spooky, noticed the face straight away
Jak x

Elfin said...

Happy burfday kirkypoo, make sure you sell that Jaffa on ebay......or is it already scoffed?

Jolenda said...

Now look 'ere, you don't look day over 21, you ninny. Happy Birthday, gorgeous friend - hope you're having a fabby-licious day - have a great time dining this evening!!

Jolenda xxx

Anonymous said...

happy birthday!
welcome to the old world of misunderstood-ness

the tartan biff

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday ...... you look good on it! Lovin the blog & I too would love a photo sesh, you're FABULOUS.



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