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28 Feb 2006

The Great Jaffa Cake Debate

I have 3 million things to do and not an ounce of motivation to do it with. That is until I got incredibly bored and paid a visit to my "nibbly" cupboard and saw my prized posessions staring back - me old favourite and lifesaving JAFFA's! I have been meaning to road test the new blackcurrant flavour and thought Id share my sampling with you. Perhaps McVities might like to employ me as an independant freelance bickie muncher in return for a lifetimes supply of jaffaeroonies - hint hint. They are getting free advertising at least and a blummin proper honest survey after all!
I can vouch for the beauty of the Orangey bickies - they is the best so far. Ive also tried the lemon and lime and they is totaly citrussy scrum. But I thought Id try all three at once, on this clear blue sky sunny day. Im sorry that I spent time fancying up the little flowery note cards which I stabbed into the jaffas just for artistic effect. But to fully appreciate the "feel" of the test, I had to pre-warn myself which jaffa was which so I was not going to be in for any nasty supwises. I then cut them up and prepared my tastebuds to be treated with total jaffa lumshush dribbly scrum.
I was desperate to try the blackcurrant one. They is my fave fruit pastill and gum drop sweety - so this was going to be easy and I knew I would instantly adore it. WRONG! It was minging and likened to a cheap blackcurrant jam you would find in a cheap blackcurrant jamp shop in Cheapland for 3p. I swigged back a mouthful of delicious tea (and whilst Im on a free advertsing campaign, I drink tetley, drop of semi skimmed and no sugar - which would be Tate and Lyle cos we is using that on our pancakes tonight with Jif lemon....boy those comapnies owe me big time and I dont come cheap usually!).
Next came the lemon and lime and this time I was waiting for the citrus zing to poing me into getting up and doing the conga around my dining table. On this particular occasion I didn't do the conga - I was that hyped up I did the oke-koke and agadoo and the tweety song without the music. I sang it out loud between chomping on said lemon and lime and completed the actions without getting a single movement wrong. The hit is just enough to zap you into a jaffa frenzy until it sadly departs the mouth and heads for Bile city to be squizzed up into cellulite aiming for the thighs and extra curvature on the old love handles (except mine are not handles, they are mantles as in the size of the andreas fault.) Big thumbs up for the lemon and lime dudes.
Last but not least and never to be forgotten on my weekly shopping list - the faithful orangey jaffa. The original and best (thank you kellogs!!). No need to fully road test these bickies - these are my ultimate fantasy and escape from reality in one mouthful. I often eat 4 in one go and a whole pack of 12 when im feeling depressed (which might as well be every day!). I crave them everytime I have a cup of tea and this week - in Morrisons supermarket they are buy one treble pack for £1.89, get the another treble pack for 11p ........ HOLY COW BAGS!


domestic goddess said...

what are you like!!!!??? i dont like jaffas full stop, but thanks for road testing as i wont waste my pennies on the blackcurrent on the girls, but will give them to peter when i am feeling nasty, mawahahahahah

Shell said...

Gotta love that top photo girlie!

Caz said...

jaffa tart...that's what you are, lol!

Jen said...

ROFLMAO! But hey, this is spooky: we have packets of all the Jaffas (well, we just finished the Blackcurrant ones and I TOTALLY agree with you. Cheap!) and I now can't wait to try the Lemon/Lime ones cos you paint such a delish picture. And we had our pancakes with Jif lemon tonight. And Tate & Lyle sugar. My goodness, it's like we live in a parallel universe where everything is the same yet somehow different....

Caroline said...

Aw Kirky, you never fail to make me smile :)
I really like the sound of blackcurrant ones, are they really that mingin?
Lidl do a scrummy cherry ones,want me to send you some?!

Jen said...

Oh yeah, and I drink Tetley tea. (cue music from The Twilight Zone).

Beth said...

I, I, I, I, I......likes the blackcurrant ones Kirsty, that's cos I'm a cheap un! Lemo and limo are nice too, but I guess the ole Jaffas themselves, have to be the besto.

Have a good day lovely, and fill it with lots of Jaffa goodnesseseseses.

Beth XX

Gillian Greding said...

Oh my gosh... you are making me so FOOD HOMESICK! I grew up in Northern Ireland and then moved to California and I hate to say we don't have Jaffa Cakes here. It is really wrong. I miss British biscuits and sweets and well anything else that will send me into a diabetic coma! Even though I have only tasted the orange Jaffa Cakes, I have to say that I know they are my favorite because let's face it... you can't improve perfection right?
Signed by one Californian eating a stupid Oreo instead of a Jaffa Cake. :(

Heather said...

I guess they're JAFFA cakes (i.e jaffa orange?) so poor ole blackcurrant maybe had no chance?

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