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14 Feb 2006

Get Knitted

Im 35 years old and ive just bought my first set of knitting needles. This shocking purchase crucifies my mother who was born with knitting needles attached to her hands. For years she has tried to get me to "knit" but i just found it to be too "granny". Sure - I begged her to make me the cutie matinee jackets for Belle when she was baby but I refused to knit knit knit. Until I saw a beautiful scarf in a small craft shop today. I took Sue and I to a ribbon /craft shop in my local town. Its not the bestest shop in the world but the woman is lovely. After I had selected my wibbons I saw a really funky scarf on the counter and enquired about it. The woman said she had knitted it - 30 stitches wide, 34 inches long. Simple as that. I looked at Sue and she looked at me. For £4.60 this woman had made something I would have been prepared to buy for £12.
This woman didnt exactly go for the hard sell - I mean, you dont do you... in a piddly lil shop in the back of beyond? So out came my purse again and i bought two balls and some needles. Sue did the same! And my mum had a heart attack. Now the question is ... erm, how do you cast on?

I also made this lil baby last night. Sue and I scrapped on the lounge floor - hardly in style and with the minimum essentials. Sue worked on a brilliant scraplift whilst I faffed with 3 papers I had bought in Courtyard Crafts yesterday. Can you believe both Sue and I bought ....wait for it............... peel offs! In black and in white - these are really the revolutionary craft essential rather like pertaining to the notion that they are indeed the new "black" of crafting. I loved having Sue over.

She is gorgeously generous and fun. I took this picture of her with her camera in a modest wee cafe and I hope she is delighted with the results. I think she looks adorable. Her two daughters and her hubby came to pick her up today and although I had work and stuff on - I didnt feel like we had spent much time together . I can't wait for us to meet up again and scrap and laugh and whinge and moan and oooh and aaaah over countless crafts supplies.
I also got a call from Ali today - thank you Ali - you made my year xx


mandy said...

Soooo have you finished it yet???

Is it easy??? My sister knitted me a lubberly one and said it only took her two nip and tucks, but i am a wool virgin so its bout to take me more that that..

Gorg lo of your little sweetie by the way :)

Anonymous said...

Love the photo of Sue.

Good luck with the scarf. Paul should be able to tell you how to knit because for 3 days he had to listen to a how to knit video on repeat!!

Take care


Beth said...

Oooooh, well done Kirsty on starting this knitting - it's alright, you're like me, I starting making one of those coconut ice fluffy jumpers about 22 years ago, and still got one side and an arm to do. Coconut ice, it was light turquoise and white flecks, so you can see how long ago that was. Mind you, it's all coming back now. If you scarf is the one I'm thinking of, the one your knitting, I have a cerise flecked one, it's gorgeous. Gonna even try one meself. Any tips, roll em my way lovely.

Beth said...

Just read my message above, and I sound like a dyslexic elephant with 2 trunks. I'm soooo tired.

Shell said...

I'm learning to knit too, keep starting stuff and then having to pull it all out as I don't know how to pick up dropped stitches!!

Another fab layout - if you do another fantastic one I'll have to stop talking to you!

wrenbird said...

I just cannot believe my ickle girlie has actually purchased KNITTING NEEDLES. She could have had some of my trillions free from home! Guess I know what the topic will be tomorrow when I collect my Bella for school hols. It will be interesting to see!
Love from your mummy bear

Jen said...

You mean my gorgeous scarf that SIL made me for Christmas cost her less than a fiver? Well blow me down with a feaver... LOL @ the knitting though - must be all the rage cos DD is learning too :)