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16 Feb 2006

Basic Grey Love

What do I look like? But (always a but!) when hubby is away and Belle is not in the mood to take pics and I want to have my piccy taken with Basic Grey ... one finds herself in a position only a contortionist would appreciate just so that I can be "at one" with Urban Couture.
I came back from the opticians tonight to find my fabbo Basic Grey in the porch. I threw down my bag, raced to the drawer to retrieve a knife and slice open my parcel. It was like a holy shrine and light appearing before my adoring eyes and I wanted to cry. Urban Couture and Hang 10 - wow .... I think god designs for these guys. The collections are heaven on 12x12. Im going to study the papers before I hack into them. I dont want to be tooooo hasty becuase this is monumental for me and my future generations to come. Perhaps Basic Grey should come with a government health warning or perhaps I should get first dibs from them direct cos Im sure Im the most-in-love basic grey fan in the UK (asides from Jakey, Anita M and Doogle!!)
Also - Ive had 3 inches lobbed off me barnet. I needed this so much. It feels so fluffy and bouncy and the hairdresser said I looked 12! What a compliment. But I must be the only 12 year old on this earth who has a butt as wide as the M42. Mwahahahahahaha.
So now - to pack up for Ellie going to my mommas for a week. How can a child need so much for one week?. DS, DVD's, CD's, clothes, teddies, blanket, toiletries, her own suitcase, photographs and perfume. My lil beauty cannot wait to go as my Mum has just adopted a penguin for her at their local petting zoo. Ellie is beside herself and feels very important. The zoo even put her name on the plaque which ellie wants to photograph and record.
Im thinking Hang 10, Im thinking cute Penguin Pic, Im thinking child standing by the plaque..... you get me, dont you?


amberjane said...

Hunny loving the hair - and I am so green with jealously over the BG that I will be mistaken by tourist as a leprechaun if I am not careful !!

Caz said...

ooh i hope my BG comes today, i need to touch it.... fancy the hair cut too, looks good!

Jen said...

Gorgeous papers and my God girl, you ARE only 12!!!!! Love how your little one is so excited about her trip :)

Beth said...

Soooo glad your BG came, mine was supposed to too, by spesh deliverrrry, so they said, but nowt at all. *Waits with dressing gown on tomorrow morning by the front door*, (Inside, not out, mind you, ha, ha). Lovely hair cut too Kirsty. Wonders what the new lemon and lime jaffas take like. X

Jolenda said...

Ooh, you look b'yoodiful with that new do, and SO flummin' young. See you tomorrow, hun!

domestic goddess said...

hi babes
i so neeeeed some haute couture!!!!
loving the new hair do

Mel said...

Glad you love the BG - you should have seen our dining table before it all went out - it was beautiful, all covered in Basic Grey... ahh so much nicer than when it is covered with something normal like a tablecloth or mess.

Jennie said...

These are my two fav BG collections I picked out at CHA, so we have the same taste!! I have to say your comments on your hair and the size of your butt made me laugh so much, that I read it out to DH and he choked on his red wine, and he's been coughing ever since!! Bless him, he loved your photo too but thought you looked 17 not 12, sorry!!

Donna said...

Hey...I'm on a mission to discover great UK talent! Found you through another blog and I'm loving what you UK girls are up to! :)

I so need to get me some Urban Coiture.

Love your banner btw and your groovy photography.


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