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27 Feb 2006

Back to life, back to reality ......

Don't you just love a good song to make a title for your blog entry? I miss Soul II Soul. Please come back.
Picture is of "Fang" girl. I hope her teeth straighten out when they have finished growing. I can't decide on whether she looks happy or evil!!!
Came back to smelly radiator house, billions of emails and lots of work! Dies to Die for is a small affair that caters for people who don't posess a die cutting machine but want to trim their cards up with their pocket money. Its fairly solid and I was going to sell it at Christmas time. Im as decisive as your average procrastinator but things are looking up with lots of of new products coming to whet the appetite of the average card maker. So there! We are staying for now.

Ellie did not want to go back to school this morning- which is nothing new. She and I had a blast at my mums just doing nothing and everything. I took her to the zoo yesterday to see her adopted penguin. She has called him Flipper (I know - I tried to talk her out of it!) They all look the same and it was funny watching her try and keep her eye on the same Penguin in the penguin pen. We took some cracking piccies (Ill upload them later). The next best thing about our visit to the zoo was the cafe. Ellie loves her coffee. She is quite the coffee savvy in our house. She even likes filtered coffee (I hate it). As it was frozo beyond belief, we went inside to warm up. She kept her mittens on whilst drinking her steaming beverage and polished it off with an ice cream. The kid is barking. But she is mine and I love her.
Mum made us her meanest of roasties before we set off and she cooked us the worlds best tasting yorky puds. Mum likes to make them in a big roasting dish as opposed to your piddly little "one mouthers" and I swear down - they are melt in the mouth yumscious. We sat huddled round the tv watching Empire of the Sun whilst devouring our sunday roast. Its a superb film and always gets me at the end. Ellie was enthralled with it .... I think she is finally growing up. She took it all in and asked me hundreds of questions about the war on the way home. I must admit - Im not up to speed about the Japanese and American side of the second world war so now I find myself surfing various sites to be as sure as I can. Look at me!!!
see ya later with more pics. I promise ill have something a little more interesting laters xx


domestic goddess said...

yrah, so glad to see you back and have a good natter on teh phoen
take care hunny

Anonymous said...

Hello!! Glad you are not selling dies to die for, you have worked dead hard to make it what it is and you can take it on even more!!

Speak to you soon

Take care

Ali xxxx

Marilyn in Cheshire(&UKS) said...

LOVE the piccy!! No waaay can u think she's looking evil. It's more of a balloon bursting with happiness.I'm glad u had fantastic visit @ Mum's.

Jen said...

I'm glad you had a brill time too - nothing like a visit to Mormie's to cheer you up. And home made Yorkshire pud - a big one - MMmmmmmmm! Love the pic. She cracks me up your little 'un, she's such a cool character. Love the stories.... :)

Gillian Greding said...

Don't worry... her teeth will grow in just fine! :) My kids all went through that tooth stage and came out on the other side okaY!

Caroline said...

You sound like you've had a lovely refreshing break, can I come next time!!!!

Sally said...

I agree with marilyn about the picture. It's full of happiness. She looks just lovely. Like the adopt a penguin idea too. Love penguins.