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23 Jan 2006

A trip to the lakeside

This is me and Belle yesterday at the 3 sisters lakeside. Its our favourite little retreat just 2 minutes from our house. Mark was getting to grips with a lil photography lesson from me (yes - Im doing something right cos look at the results!) I don't know why we bother in the late afternoon at the duck side of the pond - the birds are always full-up when we get there and we see so many disappointed kiddies offering 3 week old bread to nonchalent (and fat) looking ducks and canadian geese. Ellie loves coming here becuase its so open and a great place to take in lots of fresh air.

Anna left yesterday morning and hopefully she had enjoyed her stay. I do wubs Anna - we are so alike in many ways (and yes, sally - people often think we are sisters!!). I cannot wait to move there but we cannot do anything until we have sold out house. Not one person has been to view it yet and Im paranoid we are living in a shack that nobody wants. Saying that - how am I going to sell it when I tell the world on this blog about the funny smell, which incidently keeps coming back - even though we thought we had got rid. I actually think its the lead in the paint from yesteryear on the radiator. Mark doesnt seem as concerned as me but Im completely going bonkers about it. When he comes home on Friday and see's Belle and I doing fruit and nut loop dancing on the ceiling - he might get the picture.
Ooooooooh , actually i just 'membered, I won't be in our hallucagenic household on friday. Im off to see the lady with the very rude issues.


Jennie said...

Love that photo of you and Bella nose to nose!!

debbie said...

gorgeous photos kirsty - your bella is just the cutest!!

ps.... youve been tagged :)

Heather said...

Great photos - well done Mark!

Anonymous said...

Hope that was taken with your new papp shooter kirky

Jen said...

You crazy woman, you! I do love those pics though. You are a good teacher, the lad done good :)