Ladies Camera Club

6 Jan 2006

A series of unfortunate events

Woke up to mount vesuvious about to erupt on my chin and 10 minutes later than usual. Its Belle's first day back at school and I was running practically starkers around the top of our house gathering uniform, clean undies, whilst my brushing teeth then putting eyeliner on with a blunt tip then brushing Ellies hair as she scoffed her rice krispies. I like to be all calm and collected for when my SIL arrives with her two children whom I take to school everyday and by 0836 precisley, up the drive she rolls and Im done - pristine and ready for the sqaubbling to start. And it did. And two minutes later it had stopped. Cos I was having none of it today. I needed to feel the zen, the ching and chang, the wicky woo waa of serenity- for I was to finish packing orders and then concentrate on my last 6 layouts for posting saturday afternoon.

I did one layout today and have almost finished another tonight and although I thought I was going to lose the proverbial mojo - I didnt. I did, however, lose my heart to Ellie as she seemed to want more than ever tonight so I stole away for snugs and cuggies. I think the first day back hit her for six after spending two weeks at home with us. I let her stay up to watch Celebrity Big Brother - I think we should call it "Why do I bother" in this house. Its full of numpties, crack heads and plastic. My money is on Faria or Preston to win becuase out of 11 odd balls - these two seem to be the most normal-ish. Pete Burns frightened the life out of Belle - he used to be really nice during his prime.
Then again - didn't we all? Mwahahahahahahahaha