Ladies Camera Club

1 Jan 2006


I have a list as long as me arm and no doubt the determination will be outlived by the weak and feebleness of my excuse book.

1. I will try and not eat lard, sugar or finger nails at any one meal session.
2. I will try and do 50 butt clenches whilst aimlessly surfing various forums. That also goes for 50 pelvic floor exercises - I try and get the elevator to 5 floors (if you catch my drift - at least I'll have a strong bladder if nothing else)
3. I will plan my work in advance rather than 3 seconds prior to the job.
4. I will concentrate on one layout at a time (i do 3 at one time and intermingle and chop and change to defeat boredom)
5. I will write my Will. Not that I think I am going to die yet but my dear friend Jolene has advised me of what happens if I dont.

So tomorrow evening when all of these havent been adhered to - don't die of shock. But if you do - make sure you get that Will written!
PS - Don't ask me why ive uploaded a picture of a paperbag book that isnt even finished inside. Just couldnt bare to upload a post today without a pictorial picturation.