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9 Jan 2006

Its been a mad few days....

.... it has you know - fast paced and full of action. Despite avoiding anything in excess of 2 calories Ive been burning off neg calories in effort to finish off 16 layouts and this afternoon I was done. Ok, so a few of the layouts have corners eaten out of them during my hunger strike but I do think it adds a unique distressed look and Im sure they can either leave it there in the book for curiosity's sake or they can airbrush it up. Ive done 4 baby, 4 heritage, 4 holiday and 4 wedding layouts packed full of the usual fullness that I cannot ignore. Ive loved doing the heritage layouts - just loved them. I was egged along by the help of timmykins alcohol inks (my room really does smell like a brewery) and the forever prima hyderangeas helped me a lot too. My fingers are as black as something really black and i have a scrape of ink down my right cheek - which actually highlights the hollows, I look almost waif like supermodel-ish.

So tonight I start a marathon round of 15 layouts for another project (a bookazine - not really a book and not really a magazine - not just a clever name then huh?) before Saturday, a layout for a mag and an article on using scrapbook die cuts. Are any of you going to donate me a couple of hours or shall I just take some lard off you and stuff it back down my thighs?

**Picture of Jen, MGC, Elaine and Fran on during our tour of Edinburgh, Nov 2004. We had such a freakin crazy laugh - i love them piddling about - acting all serious and not**
Oh! And I've added Usher to my music video (ive had complaints about the constant madonna marathon...but I wubs her!). Im converted - he is fit as fudge and he got me shaking my booty all over my postage stamp sized office. The wafting of said booty has knocked a few blossoms off me ameoba sized desk - but as me ... do i care?


Shell said...

I'd post you some hours but I'm not sure they'd get to you in time!

By all means take as much lard as you like!

(sorry about Roy yesterday)

domestic goddess said...

you go girl, i knwo you will get thsoe lo's done, the mag article and naything else that is thrown your way

Jennie said...

I don't know how you manage to do so many LOs in such a short time, and it's not as if they are just run of the mill one either. You go girl, you'll get them done.