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4 Jan 2006


I cannot get a wink of sleep at the moment and Im dog tired. Belle and I went to bed at 10 o'clock. She normally goes at nine but she is not even tired but needs sleep more than me and she goes back to school tomoz. I tossed and turned for hours and clock watched every time I turned. Eventually I got up at 0530 and tidied my wardrobe out, the shoes cupbaord, dusted and finished off a few odds and ends (housework wise). Belle got up at 0730 and we watched freinds together whilst eating ham sandwiches for breakfast.... we are such rebels!
We have done so much so far today - lots of packing, sorting and admin and its only half' one in the afternoon. Ive run out of pizza boxes though - which is pooey so Im waiting for a delivery from a local box manufacturer. This is a firm who generally supplies food firms and our last batch was addressed to "Pies to Die for" - so funny .
Ive got 7 more layouts to do - fortch I have the pics printed and the paper and card sussed pluss sketches (check me out - one obv thinks she is becky higgins all of a sudden). Ive got 2 batches of ATC's to do (I say that like Ive been doing them for years, don't I?).
Im off to go an celebrate my left over day with a philly and pastrami toasty and a snuggy huggy with Bella Boo.
What have you been scoffing today - anyone says they have eaten salad are telling massive porkies. S'too cold for salad. Today is a day for lard. And fat. And vegetable oil.
BTW - the picture is of a coffee muffin I took a pic of in Edinburgh last Nov. Now I have a permanent reminder of why my hips are as wide as the M6.


Shell - who is pouting with you said...

Why did you post that picture!! I neeeeeeeeeed a muffin now and am stuck in work - then straight home!

I hope you get some sleep tonight - Lavender oil works!

Lynsey Lindsay said...

I really hate you, for being so talented!! Just saw some more of your work in the uks gallery. Where do you get ur ideas from?. Were any of my photo any good?

amberjane said...

I want that muffin - it looks divine !! I have eaten Philly on toast too and spanish chicken tonight :) As for talent babes you have it coming out the wazoo, I hope you get some sleep soon hun ((hugs))

Beth said...

Love that muffin Kirsty, a coffee one too. Know what you mean about not being able to sleep, having exact same prob here meself. Tossing and turning, huffing and puffing nearly all last night. Any tips, let me know.

Your ATC's are fab too.