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16 Jan 2006

Having fun but paying for it

My feet have not touched the ground since the end of November and the thought of going away on a retreat in January should have made my life relaxed. Ive just come back from Art from the Heart learning lots of Dyan yumminess. Although I didnt complete all the projects (had to finish off some deadine work) I had a GREAT time with some new buds. Made more ATC's and had immense fun learning about slide mailers. I spent a bliddy fortune on paperartsy stuff along with a few books, rubber stamps, embellies frm 7 gypos etc etc. Im still absolutely knackered and it didnt help getting up early for Ellies appointment at Alder Hey. What didn't help again was the way in which she was treated but I won't get into that as it will set me off and I would cry a river right now. Elie is fine - i thought I may add. We are just none the wiser and feel like after 10 years of being faffed around - we are back to square one. How can the RVI, St James, Southampton, Sheffield University, Wigan, Scarborough, Bridlington, Salisbury, Stafford, LGI and Alder Hey hospitals not know what is wrong with her?

On the plus side of things I feel very lucky to have been instilled with more creativeness in which to bring out my frustrations through todays hospital shenanigans - expect some very angry ATC's!!!!!! (not like the ones on display here - I love my surf dudes card. This is from a collection entitled "The madness of Maggies den"). Click to enlarge as its a bit hard to see some of the detail.

Our night out this weekend was class! We always go out to Brios whenever Dyan has a retreat. Its a poshy woshy italian restaurant serving yummable scrummables. I managed to do "layout" on a piece of ciabatta with pesto and olives (YUMMMMMMMY). I also had basil stuck in my teeth and the girls kept telling me all night and I wanted to keep it as it was my new altered teeth look and tts still there now and Dyan did this - an altered serviette with a piece of radichio and some garlic bread - tres funkadelic or completely barking? You decide.
And here is my picture of the day taken last week so it probably doesn't count as picture of the day anyway.
Its me and my beloved jaffa cakes. I can eat a pack of 12 in one serving with no problems at all - can you? Its not a very clear piccy but it conveys a message to you all - I hope. And that is.... don't buy anymore jaffas. They ere mine, not Mcvities. I accept no substitute. Just pure and simple jaffery jafferness will do for me.
Oh - and Ive been tagged by Shell and Scrapdolly. Ill do that tonight if thats ok.


domestic goddess said...

oh babes, have been desoeartley trying to contact you, all my love goes out to the 3 wise men.
Glad you ahd agood weekend, and oh btw i tagged you too, mwahhahahahah

Suzanne and Ella said...

So sad Ellie had a rough time :( Blooming specialists, know what that's like.

So jealous of your weekend to Art from the Heart, sounds like you had a blast.


Anam said...

***hugs for you and ellie***

just a thought - you've probably done this already but you considered emailing the usa/canada hospitals for help?? i did with my endo and got referred to a fab surgeon in the uk...

Shell said...

{{HUGS}} hun!!

I too can eat a whole pack of Jaffas in one sitting!!

Tautchia said...

I'm lovin' the ATC's! Great stuff! the surfer dudes rock. And the fat funny!!!

I clicked on you from Elsie's blog (hope that's ok.)

Sorry to read about your daughter and the doctor troubles. Sometimes it seems that doctors just don't really care to know what's wrong. As long as you keep coming back... I had my rounds with not-so-good docs for awhile. But then I found a really good one & he fixed me right up. Don't give up. There are still some good ones out there. Hope all is well in the end.