Ladies Camera Club

10 Jan 2006


For fear of sounding like a repeat I shall say this only once - I MADE FRONT COVER AGAIN!!!!
Did you read that? Am I excited? - you bet your stinking butt I am! Simply cards and papercraft is the magazine who are under the umberella of Practical publishing whom I also submit work to for their Scrapbook Magazine and Craft Essentials Magazine. I had no idea my work was on the cover until the mag came through my door this morning. I knew it was in this issue but not fronty pagey! I did an altered pringle box - nothing wacky weirdo or anything - just pretty and valentiney and sour cream flavoured - mwahahahahahahahaha.
I also sent out 16 layouts to Joy for her set of books, She has also asked me to contribute to the other set she is doing which will surmount to 48 layouts in total by the time she has completed taking designs. Now thats out of the way I can concentrate on 15 8x8's for friday of which I have done 2 but they are quick and I love this 8x8 size all of a sudden.
Glynn came around to show me his new camera - OH MY GOD - its the mutts nutts... a Nikon D2 which is the top of the range Nikon DSLR so he has **loaned** (with intention to purchase I may add) his Fuji S2 which is ...oh my lord.....super-wizzy-fabboriffic and so paparazzi. I am going to be taking some superlishus pictures with that baby.
Then to top it all my accountant came around tonight to deliver me some fabbo news. What was initially thought to be a whopping tax bill for the end of jan is actually zero becuase i had but two things in the 2005 Out register instead of 2004 .... why am I telling you this? Cos it means I can buy a studio kit now instead. Wooo bloody hoooooooo. I knew I had been miserable for too long for something wonderful not to happen. So ..... Im in quite a bloody good mood and ain't nobody gonna piddle on my parade. well, not until tomorrow.


domestic goddess said...

oh hun i am so so proud of you, couldnt find A copy in sleepy st neots so mjust head further a field for it

Kate said...

How cool is that! So nice to see people doing so well - keep up the good work!

Hope my tax bill is also zero ... sadly I won't be celebrating with new studio kit (but my Canon EOS350D will be here tomorrow courtesy of my lovely Colin) but at least it'll leave me more money to pay the VAT bill with!


debbie said...

great news kirsty- about time things started to go well for deserve it hun xxx

Jo, Miss Rude Issues said...

Darlington, that is brillo - gorge photo of you, too!

amberjane said...

I am so happy for you babes you deserve some happiness :)


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