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28 Jan 2006

Cute kiddy capers

These cherubs are the reason why I want to take photography seriously! If I can take piccies of two live wires in a house in Evesham without photography studio lighting then I can take pics anywhere. I spent a lovely day and night at my wonderful friends Jo's house. The house is filled with laughter and love - I didn't want to leave but I was missing a certain little lady so I had to go eventually. Anja Mable is my doppleganger (if only by personality) and Freya is my story loving chum.

>>>This piccie still needs a little more editing but don't the girls look heavenly? Ive focused on their eyes, lips and jeans. I think I need to buy a graphics tablet so I can finish editing this properly as there are shadows behind freya's head and the floor doesn't match the walls.. this is a working progress for now but looks pretty good so far.
AND!!!!! I know I've been tagged, like a thousand times ... I promise to do it tomorrow.


Jo AKA rudishoes said...

Kirsty, we loved having you to stay, and thank you for taking these beautiful photos! I ADORE the photo of the girls' feet - that is definitely going to take pride of place in our house :) See you soon, lots of love xxx

edwaado said...

These are fantastic - thanks ever so much Kirsty - we love 'em.

Shell said...

Cute girlies!! Fab pics hun!

Jen said...

Fantastic! You making a living from this yet then???

mandy said...

ooohh kirsty lovely pictures... i am going on the same photie course as you went on and if it makes me half as good as you i will be a very happy bunny indeedy

Kelly said...

kirsty these are to die for so lovely -whenever youre in london do drop by lol lol-they are great and i sooo want to do that course now

domestic goddess said...

scruumy hun!

Anonymous said...

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