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19 Jan 2006

Cry babies and funny smells

Oh I can't help but laugh at this picture of Ellie crying. She was quite happily playing her DS when I walked into the room with my camera and said "smile". Instead of a beautiful beaming smile I got the look of fear and tears! And instead of rushing to put the camera down... I erm, carried on taking pics. She totally hated me for 5 minutes but all is forgiven. Isn't this scrapping lark cruel?

Then tonight as Ellie was finishing her tea, we sat in the lounge chitty chatting when I smelled a familiar smelly smell. For the past 2 weeks, mark and I have noticed this really strong pong coming from the lounge. It smells like strong adhesive, like a wood glue. It was starting to worry me becuase it wasn't a persistent smell and I was worried about fumes. I rang my DH cousin to come and have a sniff around the house becuase mark wasn't home yet and I was getting a bit upset. It was so funny watching Glyn smell every piece of furniture and piece of equipment - he even sniffed the telly. He looked under neath one of my cabinets only to reveal 5 mouldy maltesers which could of only been dropped by Ellie - she began to cry again cos deep down she knew she had done it possibly 3 years ago (even though, come to think, we have only lived there 2 years). Great - Glyn had seen all my dust and mould!

He then detected it coming from behind the radiator. He shone the torch down the back and I almost fainted with the scummy mess of dirt and dust. We have been in this house 2 years and wanted to change that radiator when we moved in but it was massive and they dont make this size anymore. We could have put smaller ones in but the idiots who lived in the house before us artexed AROUND the radiator. This meant changing to a smaller one would have meant artexing the room again (and artex is hardly "de riguer" is it?). Anyway, mark and I have to take the damn thing off the wall tomorrow to see what this offensive smell is. we have turned the radiator off and the smell has gone. I can assure you - we aint scrapping that moment. But I might offer him a couple of maltesers - mwahahahahahahaha


Sally (inspirespirit) said...

oooh, had exactly the same smell here last week. Was convinced hubby was glue sniffing, lol, or we were all gonna die from monoxide poisioning. Even thought of ringing emergency gas peeps. My sis then discovered a load of mouldy clementines left over from christmas. Somebody (hubby?), had put the fresh bananas and pears on top and we hadnt noticed the oranges turning quietly into penicillin underneath. We searched the whole house before we cottoned on. the smell of solvent was so strong, I would never have believed it would have come from oranges.

Cath said...

Awwwwww, bless her cotton socks!!

Jen said...

(sings) I know what the smeeeeelll is!! Glad you won Kirsty :)

scrapdolly said...

Its too cruel - too cruel but ... sorry ... what a FAB picture

Hows the smell?