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31 Jan 2006

Compo Time!

I entered this into a compo today and loved getting back to faffing about! This is called "Kissy Wissy". Ive scrapped this picture before but I wanted to do this again (I hope by doing that I didnt break any scrapbooking laws!) - to see it in full view, just click the pic.

Ive also done the tagging tagger thing which has been sent to me by 3 million people. So here it is at last.....

First times you got kissed, how was it ??
I was about 10 and it was with Simon Charles. I thought he was lish and we went to Craig Darwells party. All the boys that went actually brought their girlfreinds so everyone were in pairs. Craig thought it would be funny to turn the lights out and simon grabbed hold of me and gave me a massive snog. And he had a polo mint in his mouth at the time and passed it to me. So we did more than swap spit!!! And I didnt really like it neither.

First time you drove a car ? What kid of car was it ?
I learned to drive in various vehicles like metros, polos and fiat uno's. But my first bought car was a Mini and it was the business. If you pulled the choke out whilst driving along it was like turbo power. I still remember the reg and I have pics of it too.

First time you went on a date, where did you go and with whom??
So many - ahem!!! Who was it with now.....mmmmmmmm. I think my first proper "take her out" date was a guy called Mel (yeah, I know!!!) and he took me to see Pretty in Pink at the cinema. I actually wore yellow! I had a bat wing, v neck white top, long yellow skirt, ankle socks and white sandals with chunky white beads. I remember now cos I thought I looked so cool in the 80's! With a perm!!! Jeeeeeeez

First time you fell in love and how did you know ??
I fell in love in 1989 with a guy called Chas and I knew because he made me feel safe at that time. He then went on to be a two timing pig bag and I will never forgive him for it even though he was my first proper luuuuuuuurve.

First time you cooked for someone ? Was it yummy and what did you make ??
I thought I had done a good job of not burning sausages, potato waffles and beans! The person who I made it for loved it and of course it was yummy - or else the breadknife would have found its way into his chest.

First time you got on a plane?? Where did you go and were you scared ??
I was 18 when I first got on a plane to an verseas posting whilst I was in the forces. I wasn't scraed as I was surrounded by lots of hunky firemen bound for the same destination. I flew to RAF Ascension Islands - just benath the equator, between south america and africa.

First time you shaved your legs ?? and did you cut yourself ?
No - i used an epilday but it wrecked cos those things rip the hairs fromt he roots - YOUCH!

First time you put on make up ? Looking back how did you do ? Did you look like a clown or do a good job ?
My mum put me some make up on for a school disco and I remember feeling so grown up. The teacher told me to go and wash it off and the next day I woke up with a rash - I was allergic to Avon make up and have since had to buy exepnsive make up (bummer!). Im a mac girl, just incase you felt like buying me some fabbo eyeshadows!

First time you moved out of home? Was it into an aparment or house ??
I left home at 16 to joing the Royal Air Force. It was in shared barrack accomodation with about 60 other girls with 20 to a room. I had the time of my life just laughing my head off in those barrack blocks.


John Doom said...

Hah, "snog" is a great term! As an American, I never get to hear/read stuff like that.

Jackie said...

lush licky layout it

Jak x

Shell said...

Faberluss layout!!!!

I'm a MAC girl too!!

Joanna said...

Bootiful layout, darl - love it :D

KimmyS said...

OMGosh Kirsty - I remember the first LO scrapped with this picture and thought THAT was awesome but this is blowing me away.

You are my scrapping Guru - AMAZING