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3 Jan 2006

ATC's - oh man, not another addiction

Mum - if you are reading this - ATC's are not drugs although ATC's have the effect of an addictive drug. Not that I would know that cos Ive not taken anything illegal since I drank the Vodka I bought in excess of my allowances back from the Ascension Islands in 1991. I know these cards are not exactly the mutts nuts as far as ATC professionals go but what Im more chuffed about is the little accordion wallet I made from paper

bag ends. Im dying for someone to ask and swap them so that I know I will be a fully fledged ATC tart. They are only swappable on a threesome basis as Im awkward and feel they deserve to be nestled together in their scrummy little wallet for safe keeping. Actually, this wallet will hold 7 ATC's in the seperate pockets but do I look like I have time to make 7, in a 7 swapping swapper event?

Im up late sorting stuff out on my website and to be honest I cant sleep. Id do this through the day but the sale has gone bananas and I owed ellie some snuggle time earlier on. Tomorrow we are making cookies and we want to go and feed the ducks over at the 3 Sisters lakeside after Ive finished packing the orders. Im not kidding, I have 3 massive bags to take to the post office in the morning. Margaret (one of the post girls, well not exactly a girl - more like old hag with boil on her chin) is going to keel over. I swear to god - everytime we go to the post office with our mail bags (we dont use couriers.. we is not posh at all!) Margaret will look over the top of her glasses in disapproval and make some excuse to go to the back of the store room for some random, pretend item (as to avoid dealing with our load!) I wouldnt care but I leave it and dont wait for her to process it and then pay. We always leave the money and let them sort it out. I can't see what her problem is unless of course its me (god help us).
Anway, Im going to go and look for something for our feeding of the 5ooo ducks tommorrow. Our bread is so stale its gonna knock them out if we toss it in the water. MMMMMM goody - Aromatic Duck for tea then. Or duck and chips. Or duck butty. Or stuffed duck on mantlepiece. Duck a la orange. Duck and dive. GOT TO BED KIRSTY ...... YOU ARE BORING YOUR BLOGETTES.


Anonymous said...

One thing nobody could accuse you of is being boring ...

Love the ATCs, and love the little wallet even more - I'd love to swap providing you don't mind giving me a week or so to get some more made ...


Bridget Parsons said...

Those ATC's are blindingly good Kirsty!!! I'm very impressed at your first attempts, you must have been studying hard.

domestic goddess said...

i would love to swap, i have an ATC with your name on here, i am sure ;)
anna x