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18 Jan 2006

15 layouts done - GO, GO,GO!

Hallelujah and praise be the blessed lord of all things wonderful. Ive finished 15 layouts for Becks and they are in transit as we speak. Heritage layouts are pretty hard going - purely because of the fact finding and date tracking involved. Im free from the reigns of deadlines (for about 2 days, have one layout and article to do for natalie) and then I start scrapping for me again!!! I miss scrapping for me. Like - scrap to my own theme. Don't get me wrong, I do love scrapping for magazines but its usually to a set theme. So now I scrap these fabbo ideas I have floating in my barnet. Scrap, scrap and scrap - oooh and ATC's too. And maybe the odd slide mailer.

Got these fabbolish things in the post today. Jane Dean made me this completely useful stamp for my ATC's. It incorporates my eyes which look a bit freakazoid - Im so looking forward to stamping all my ATC's with them plus I feel very lucky to have such a talented online bud!. And Lizzy sent me her first ever collecsh of ATC's - without swapping either, so I am honoured and they are rather delish. Ive licked all my Rak's a lot today. They are a bit soggy but Im in love.

Anna is coming to our house this weekend - Im besides my self with happiness. We are both feeling somewhat low so we have planned to go to the albert docks in liverpool to take some moody piccies and have a laugh. They have the most scrumpsh brasseries/eateries where we can practice our photgraphy skills and pretend to be Elsie Flannigan but be ourselves as well - the poor woman would think we are nut jobs otherwise. Ok - we want to be her - young, talented, scrummy hubby and a fab job. Sigh, I have my marky munky munksters and my baby belle and thats good so far.

Im also off to Jo's house next week (the lady with the incredibly rude issues) and the week after is my birthday. I keep hinting to the hubs that I want an AMM tool tote bag but i think he is buying me a 250gb external hard drive - the height of sopistication and romance. He will probably set it up for me and will think he is funny when he says to me "Do you wanna see my fire wire darling?". I will just say "No, Im fed up not hard up love" Mwahahahahahahahaha


Jennie said...

You are such busy person, I realy don't know how you get it all done, and I am sure you desrve to scrap for yourself for a change.
And if you are seeing Jo next week, give her hug from me, we're fellow team mates!

domestic goddess said...

cant wait to see you friday, hunny bun, albert docks here we come , wohooooooo

Heather said...

Hurrah for Kirky - another 15 layouts done. You're a wonder!

Thanks for the goodies in the post today. :)

Becks said...

Lubby lubby layouts they were too... such a talent!