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5 Dec 2005

Weekend in Salisbury

In all the time I lived in historic salisbury I never took pics of Stonehenge. Nor did I take any of the cathedral and the magne carte! So with my head being focused on all things scrapable - mark and I ventured down there on saturday. Mark is based 2 miles from the henge and can see this magnificent array of stones from his room. As it was his christmas do this weekend I made sure that whilst I was down there - I would take pics. This is only a partial collection of the stones - they are so imposing if not breathtaking to look at.

Our night out was not exactly the best I had been to in the Army. But it was a nice little get together even if the food was crap! Generally these do's run with a military precision with food being impeccable, the function in high taste and the girls looking like wee foxes in there killer dresses. I for one am a rebel in the highest order and wore a long skirt and cardi with marabou feathers which caused a stir. I dont "do" dresses. I don't have the figure for it but mark loved my outfit and we looked respectable.

He did look rather spiffing in his finery and I had to keep snogging him cos he looked delish.

Why has mark taken snaps of my ankles? Well as this function was a strict "ankle length" policy, he wanted to show the world that I do posess them and actually are his and mine fave feature (they are sooo skinny malinny - unlike my huge child bearing hips and butt). And the most I can wear in the heels stakes is 2 inches. I hate having to balance my huge-arse-on-skinny-legs on them! I have to add at this particular stage that the furniture is army issue and not mine - oooh the shame!!!! I can tell you wanna know where i got my skirt. It was a bargainous £55 from M&S. Man - their party wear is awesome this year.

Then the next day we went to may fave restaurant in the world - ASK! It sells the most divine italian food and has a wonderful contemporary mood. Just the thing for a slight hangover. Mark was getting really pissed off with me for taking pics of the food and stuff.
I was playing with the super macro on the camera which takes pics as close as 4mm from the subject. So please enjoy my close up of olives - which I utterly love and destroyed in 2 seconds flat!
Hope you enjoyed my weekend in pictures as I did in real life.


domestic goddess said...

oo look at you babes, foxy, love that skirt to bits, look absolutley gorgeous hun as always, olives, mmmmmmmm

anna xxx

dougie said...

OOh don't you both look hot to trot.

love dougie

rudishoes said...

As always, you look absolutely beautiful. That skirt is gorgeous - M&S!!! I will be hot-footing it over there myself, I reckon. Sounds like you had a fab weekend - piccies are wonderful.

Jo said...

Hate olives with a passion but wish I had your ankles!!!

Love that skirt too and I don't do skirts!

scrappykaren said...

Oooooh! look at you two!! Very posh! great piccis Kirky!! xx (Keep meaning to visit the henge too, maybe that can be our first family holiday!!!)

Kat said...

Wow, looking beautiful, Kirsty!!! Love that skirt!!

And pics of Stonehenge ... LUCKY YOU!!! :)

Paula said...

Delish pictures! You look fab, all smiling and sparkling eyes. :)