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14 Dec 2005

The power of computers

Ok - so I paid a lot of money to go on this photograhpy course and learn to take interesting photographs. But what strikes me as insulting is the fact that all photos (good or bad) can be doctored by the power of picture publishing suites. Take the photo I took of Glynn in the studio. I didnt have the proper flash on my camer and got a fairly decent shot. But look at how I doctored it in Micrographics (not photoshop I hasten to add). Im amazed. I have been editing loads of pictures today to try and bring lustre and wonder to them. You should try it - it will change the way you crop for starters.

I have been very busy at making myself busy today. Ive decided to give lots of web places a miss - Im not a very happy hector with certain issues on a variety of subjects. But its been a good thing - Ive got loads of stuff done. As a result, Ive promised myself to switch the pc off every day for 3 hours and get my ass into gear with 32 layouts to be done by 15th January. That averages 1 a day so Im officially starting now.

Can you help me in the meantime? I need some really spirited heritage shots - not sombre ones - ones that have character. I have one or two so far from some wonderful girls - VE day celebrations, the coronation - lots of interest and enough to go on and make a heritage album on a budget of, erm... not a lot! I will suceed. Even if I scrap on loo paper - by jove it will be a heritage album but with unusual touches.

Also - do any of you have any Holiday snaps (we have one - ellie hates the beach), Wedding snaps (the really unposed candid pics) and baby close up snaps I can use for a book?


Shell said...

I may have some, I can't scan anything at the moment though so will look on pooter for you!!

domestic goddess said...

oh babes that is a brilliant photo of Glen
And yes I am sorting out piccies, have you on my to do list, i can do baby/beach/holiday and wedding for you hun, so will gte them sorted and sent over on disc

anna xxxx

Anonymous said...

Great pics, I'd love to do a digi course when and if I ever get my much-lusted over Canon 350D.

I think I might have some heritage pics and I'm sure I've probably got some baby close-ups, and some candid wedding pics as well. I was going to look for them last night, but by the time I'd finished faffing about it was 2.00 am and I kept falling asleep on the keyboard ... I'll look when I get home.