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29 Dec 2005

Playing with shutter speed

Taking a picture of your christmas tree - its night time and you want a lovely picture without the dreaded glare of the flash.

1. The first picture is taken on AUTO with FLASH. Its so garish.... <<<<<<<<

2. The second picture is taken on Manual, APP 5.6, 1.5" shutterspeed with FLASH. Its still garish and a little yellow. >>>>>>

3. 3rd pic is getting there. Set on Manual, APP 5.6, 1.5" shutter speed without flash. <<<<<<

4. 4th pic is really nice. Set on Manual, APP 5.6, 2.5" shutter speed without flash. >>>>>>

5. is ok... bit yellowish. Set on Manual, APP 5.6, 5" shutter speed without flash. <<<<<<

6. Now we go the other way with shutter speed and speed it up to Manual, APP 5.6, 2.5 shutter speed no flash ... way too dark >>>>>>

7. This is ridiculously fast for this light. Manual, APP5.6, 5 shutter speed no flash. <<<<<<

I want you all to have a play tonight and then some time over the weekend I show you how to get fabbo focus and purpose blur.


domestic goddess said...

ok i have played and i am getting it, wohoo, peter has given me a quick lesson as well with my new fabby FUJI S9500, just incase i ahdnt told you already *big cheesy grin* but its too late to upload piccies now so will do tomorrow
thanks for the lesson hun xx
anna xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh yes teach me please. I am way too lazy to RTFM.


Kelly said...

thanks kirsty my camera has been sent off for repairs but ill have a go when it comes back :D:D